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The 4 Bras You Need This Summer

Summer’s coming, sweet thing — and you know what that means. Minis, midriffs, and bright, crisp whites galore. Otherwise known as a constant wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.

It’s kind of counterintuitive that your summer wardrobe, which is so much more free and light than winter’s layers, has so much more room for error. Factor in wedding season and the inevitable strapless/halter/off-shoulder dress you’re bound to end up in and you can practically feel the nip slip about to happen (we’re all about freeing the nipple, but maybe not in the middle of your college BFF’s vows).

Don’t fret, beautiful — your summer style needn’t suffer in the face of a bad bra choice. Here are some of our tried and true tips for surefire summer success… when you’re not going braless and bohemian, of course.
wardrobeNude lingerie is a must. We don’t subscribe to the “no white after Labor Day” rule, but it is undeniable that your white jeans, shorts, and dresses look absolutely stunning with a summer tan. You may think that you can get away with pale pinks and blues under those babies, but we’re here to (lovingly) tell you that no honey, you can’t. Now is the time for your nude lingerie to get a workout. Even better, nude doesn’t have to be boring, particularly when it’s all lovely lace and thoughtful details. We love the Gramercy bra — the balconette silhouette feels even more classic Hollywood style in this subtle nude shade. Take it up to an even sexier notch with the best-selling Seaside Longline bra in blush (a new nude) — you’ll rethink your dedication to black after you bust this baby out after a couple of good beach days. Pair them both with a nude thong or hipster panty and consider your summer white wardrobe set.

Get a strapless bra that actually fits. We know, girl. You hate wearing a strapless bra. We hate wearing a strapless bra. At least, we did, until we found one that actually fit us, created a flattering line, and didn’t constantly feel like it was in danger of slipping down our rib cage (while simultaneously feeling too tight). A strapless bra is going to be necessary at some point this summer, whether it’s for a formal gown (we’re looking at you, brides and bridesmaids), or for that totally rad ‘70s style halter top you picked up for steamy summer nights. A good strapless bra is worth searching for, as is not settling until you find the right one. You won’t know for sure until you try (and try, try again), but we’d like to recommend taking our strapless for a spin — smooth lines and a proper fit were a priority when we designed this, and it just so happens that this baby was voted the #1 Strapless Bra by Rank & Style and featured on Refinery 29's “Best Strapless Bra, According To The Internet” (brushes shoulders off).

4.1.15CAPTURE2954Get to know and love the T-Strap bra. Here’s an embarrassing confession: for years, we’d throw on a racerback bra under a top that required a t-strap, only realizing that our straps were exposed when we were way too far from home to turn around and change. Don’t make our mistake. Some tops do great with a classic racerback; others, with skimpier cuts and more shoulder exposure, call for a t-strap. In addition to having similar comfort and support to the racerback, the t seamlessly disappears under clothes, without a hint of pesky strap peeking out. Try out our Mesh T-Back — the sleek, sporty lines are wonderfully appropriate for summer days and nights, while providing both shape and support.

Don’t be afraid to show off your lingerie. There’s a time and a place for totally hidden underthings — weddings and work being two immediate examples. But summer is absolutely the time to let your gorgeous lingerie show, with sheer tops, plunging necklines, and low-to-no back beauties that look even better with a sexy pop of lace or color. That being said, if you’re going to show off your bra, make it clear that it’s intentional. Our favorite way to do this is with bold colors, like the fabulous Pacific Plunge bra in mint, or our comfortable and classy Bryant bralette in cobalt blue. Or, let the too-pretty-to-hide details do the talking for you, like the stunning butterfly lace spanning the back of our Delano racerback.

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Getting Intimate: Jennifer Szeto

In our previous post, we got to know Bianca Sotelo, Editorial Director, Producer and Stylist. This week, we take a peek into the life of Jennifer Szeto, Blogger and Producer living in our very own San Francisco, CA.

jen-lay-down  1. The photos on your Instagram are very thoughtful with the use of color and composition. Do you think your experience working in the field of production has influenced your eye?

Yes! I think being in Advertising and Production for so many years has definitely influenced my eye. I work alongside some incredibly talented visual artists and have been able to absorb some of their knowledge and re­interpret it for my own use. My fiancé, Colin, is also a huge advocate of Window of Imagination, and since he also has a design background, he’s provided a lot of guidance throughout my journey.

kitchen-portrait 2. You are in a lot of beautiful, isolated nature shots on your feed. Can you talk a bit about that? Where are most of these photos shot?

Thank you! I have a deep love for the outdoors, and it stems from my passion for rock climbing over the last six years. Climbing is an equally huge part of my life and it has taken me to some majestic places around the world. Shortly after starting Window Of Imagination, I thought it’d be refreshing to merge my personal style with various outdoor landscapes as a way to mix things up. I frequent Yosemite a lot, so you’ll find that many of my outdoor photos are taken in Yosemite Valley or Tuolumne. I also just came back from a climbing trip in South Africa so there’s a good chunk of my feed dedicated to The Cederberg Mountains.

chin-ups-2 3. Where was the furthest place you have gone to?

I just got back from South Africa at the end of July. I was out there to boulder for a month with Colin and 15 of our closest friends in an area called Rocklands, which is located in the Cederberg Mountains. It was an incredible trip, and the climbing was world class, but it took days to get there – 30 hours to fly into Cape Town (10 our flight from San Francisco to London + 8 hour layover + another 12 hour flight from London to Cape Town), and then another 3 hours to drive to our final destination. I was incredibly loopy by the time we got there!

4. Did you grow up in San Francisco?

I was born in Oakland, grew up in a small East Bay town called Alameda, then moved to San Francisco for college... where I felt like I did most of my “growing up". I lived in five different apartments all over The City before meeting Colin, then moved in with him a week after we met. Since then, I’ve been firmly planted in his Mission District apartment for the last six and a half years.

bra-pillow 5. What makes you the happiest?

So many things make me happy, but among them: Climbing, traveling, and spending time with my loved ones. Each of these allow me to reset, be adventurous, and learn from diverse minds.

jen-cochella-colour 6. What is sexy to you?

There is nothing more sexy than a person who exudes confidence and is true to themselves.

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Getting Intimate: Bianca Sotelo

BiancabedIn our last post, we got to know Jenny Gaither, Founder & CEO of Movemeant Foundation and Senior Soul Cycle Instructor. This week, we take a peek into the life of Bianca Sotelo, Freelance Producer and Stylist living in Alameda, CA.

What do you do for work, and what is it about the job that you enjoy?

I am freelance producer and stylist which means I'm hired by clients to create digital and social content for their brands. My favorite aspect of the job, by far, is collaborating and learning from so many talented and wildly creative people - this city is full of passionate creatives, many of them who I feel lucky to call friends. I'll dream up some overarching story with someone, who is often constricted creatively in their own projects by clients, budget, etc., and together we will bring what we want to see to life. From florists to food stylists, sketch artists to photographers, we put our imaginations together - because 2 or 4 imaginations are better than one - to create the most beautiful and inspiring editorial spreads we can. That's the work I'm most proud of.

drinks-n-bra_final_1Why is fashion important to you?

Fashion allows me to tell my story. I can express how I’m feeling that particular day through my outfit, whether that be a sleek black jumpsuit or funky workout leggings. And that control I have, in the process of styling an outfit, gives me the confidence I need to walk down the street and tackle the rest of my day. It also allows me to not take myself so seriously. Fashion is fun and should be experimental. You don’t always have to stick to your “uniform” or your basics. Layer them, pair them with a heel you don’t often reach for, show some skin, be bold.

coffee-table_finalWhat was the last book you read?

I may be late to add this one to my bookshelf, but I just finished my first David Sedaris book, “Me Talk Pretty One Day” and it was hilarious. I literally laughed out loud as I read and reread chapters. I love his wit and sarcasm. I hear my next one by him has to be “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim”. Have you read it? Currently, I'm slowly getting through "The First Bad Man" by Miranda July. It's one of those novels I need to put down constantly to make sure I’m not as insane as the characters that live in it. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It's by far the wildest book I've ever read. It remains half-read on my nightstand. I'll let you know how it goes.

What is your favorite area in San Francisco and why?

I hate to say it now because it’s so cliché, but I like the Mission. In my opinion, it’s the most vibrant and walkable neighborhood in the city. You can usually enjoy warmer weather without any trace of fog and there are so many cute, curated boutiques, good cafes and fun restaurants that line the main drag. Not to mention, it has a lively night scene and cool street art to marvel at during the day. I also love Nopa/Western Addition for a more casual, quiet afternoon of small bites and coffee, a craft cocktail and a recharge at Alamo Square park. It’s less congested than the Mission and you get quintessential San Francisco moments, like the view of downtown and the Painted Ladies, that remind you of why the city is so great.

bianca-couch-1_finalWhat is sexy to you?

Sexy is black lingerie, reading a book; it's being barefoot in your boyfriend's tee. Sexy is having an opinion on current affairs; it's playing the piano. It's pouring that 2007 vintage Napa Valley Pinot Noir, naked. Sexy isn't one or the other. It's certainly about being confident in your own body, but moreover, it's about being confident in who you are. It's everything that reaffirms that for you. What makes me feel sexy may not make someone else feel sexy and that's ok. Sexy isn't defined by anyone else but yourself.


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Getting Intimate: Jenny Gaither

jenny g 2_low rezLast week, we got to know Olga Montserrat, Senior Art Director and Fashion Blogger. This week, we take a peek into the life of Jenny Gaither, Founder & CEO of Movemeant Foundation, Senior Soul Cycle Instructor living in San Francisco, CA.

Tell us about Movemeant Foundation and how it came to be?

Movemeant Foundation helps young women feel confident about their bodies by empowering them with the tools to be active. We are a community­powered platform that inspires young women through positive mentorship, engaging content about health, nutrition and well­being, and grants that make fitness and physical movement a reality.

Life­-changing moments often come when they’re least expected, and that was true for me: pedaling a stationary bike in a studio in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, sweltering under a gold lamé jacket. After becoming a SoulCycle instructor only a few months earlier—a career move that brought me face­-to-­face with a lifetime’s worth of body image issues— I used my sweaty, endorphin filled classes to advocate for strength, empowerment and self-­worth. But at 22­years old I led a Rihanna-­theme ride and found myself too self­-conscious to shed my gold lamé jacket, I was faced with the uncomfortable truth that my journey of self­-acceptance was only beginning. Four years later, that journey inspired me to found the Movement Foundation.

YES Jenny hand

Can you tell us a story of a significant moment that changed your life?

My story doesn’t follow the traditional lines of your typical athlete. As a kid in Santa Cruz, Calif., my less­-than­-perfect hand-­eye coordination kept me on the sidelines of most team sports. Then I discovered dance. As an adolescent, I performed at national and international dance competitions, and did so for over a decade. I followed my love of dance to the University of Illinois where I studied Dance and Kinesiology. But in my early 20s, something started to change. The pressure of unrealistic body standards lead to issues with my self-­image, and eventually a struggle with anorexia and bulimia. I moved to New York hoping that a change of scenery would help, but soon gave up dancing professionally altogether.

Six months later, I took my first SoulCycle class and in 2010 became an instructor. My work as a teacher—dealing with women from all walks of life who confronted body image issues—was eye­opening. After I found myself crippled by self-­consciousness and unable to shed the gold lamé jacket, I was inspired to reach for something bigger: combating negative body image issues that constantly surround women and girls. After returning to San Francisco to launch the Northern California SoulCycle studios, I founded Movement Foundation in November of 2014.

bed tones

Where do you go in San Francisco to find solace?

Hiking in the Marin headlands and swimming in the ocean near my hometown of Santa Cruz.

Do you have any guilty pleasure that you indulge in?

I binge watch The Bachelor while indulging on (gluten free) pizza and wine, because, well, balance.


What is it about Movemeant Foundation that makes you the happiest?

Together, I believe that we have the opportunity to give young women new role models with a more balanced belief system. One that proves that confidence, strength and self­empowerment is more rewarding than fitting into a smaller pair of jeans. One that defines beauty by the energy they radiate and bring to the world. One who can accept her imperfections by letting her strengths overshadow them. I am already seeing a change and that's what fuels me to keep going.

What is sexy to you?

Confidence. Someone who is not afraid to be themselves and who empowers and elevates others to do the same.

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Getting Intimate: Olga Montserrat

profile1Last week, we got intimate with Tienlyn Jacobson, Blogger, Editorial Director and On-Air Host at @hellojoyus. This week we take a peek into the life of Olga Montserrat, Senior Art Director and Fashion Blogger living in El Cerrito, CA.

Besides being a fashion blog you are also a Senior Art Director. Can you tell us more about this job?

I am a Senior Art Director for Edelman working on social strategy for clients like Pandora, Volkswagen, Starbucks, and many others. I’ve worked for almost a decade in traditional advertising making print ads, tv spots, and digital campaigns for brands both large and small, but now my focus is pretty much on the social side of the equation. Being a Senior Art Director means I help manage the visual output for a brand, making sure each post or launch we do ladders up to our insights and the client’s business strategies. I love how incredibly complex and cerebral it can be and how all of that is counterbalanced by silliness of being a creative field.

What did you study at UC Berkeley?

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Mass Communications and Art Practice. The Mass Communications degree was very interesting to me because it focused on the cognitive effects that mass media has on the brain and dives into what compels people to act (or not act). It was fascinating how much psychology and strategy goes into simple advertising messages, or political campaigns, and I just could not get enough of it. My other degree was Art Practice because I simply always wanted to draw, paint, sculpt, and be creative and make things with my hands. Those two together I guess made up enough of a degree to start in advertising — a field that typically wants students to graduate from a portfolio school.

light n canvas

You grew up in Los Angeles. What made you decide to move to San Francisco?

I grew in Los Angeles and moved away as soon as I got to college in the Bay Area. I love Los Angeles because my family and my childhood was there, but Berkeley is where I really started to grow as an individual. One of the reasons I loved it up here is because I didn’t need a car to drive around. I was an independent human, having to figure shit out like everyone else, and I loved that. So I stayed.

What was the first piece of art that you remembered that inspired you to explore being an artist?

When I was in elementary school in L.A. I went to the ‘Norton Museum OF Art’ in Pasadena, and Van Gogh and Degas paintings were exhibiting there. I got to see Van Gogh’s ‘M​ulberry Tree ’ ​painting for the first time and I loved how crazy and abstract it was. There was a genius method behind the chaotic look of the painting. It was just so beautiful. During the same trip we were also looking closely at one of Degas’ b​allerina pieces ​and the docent pointed that you can see his thumb prints on it if you view it just so in on the side. This blew my mind, the fact that Edgar Degas put so much time and hands on this painting, almost sculpting it to be. Being exposed to artists like these and others at an early age really inspired and encouraged me to follow a creative career path.

hand n shoe

What is about the Bay Area that you love the most?

Growing up in L.A. it seemed at the time I lived there that people were so label oriented. Especially in the 90’s, it was about having the certain look, buying certain brands, or driving a particular style of car. Our family did not have much money growing up, so this all left me feeling like a bit of an outsider looking into a lifestyle that was just not available to me at the time. So I worked my ass off and got into college. When I went to school at Berkeley I loved how everything seemed kind of different, more relaxed in a way. The pressure to try and fit in with the LA mentality at the time just wasn’t there anymore, and I could just focus on working hard and finding my own point of view on style, politics, and other things.

Are there any fashion icons that you admire?

This is a tough question. It is like when someone asks you what your favorite song is, which seems impossible to answer because the answer is constantly changing. One week it could be the nonchalant ease of F​rançoise Hardy,​then the next week I’ll be obsessed with M​iroslava Duma’​s creativity, or G​iovanna Battaglia,​especially in the heydey of T​ommy Ton​and when street style was just beginning to be a thing. Lately, I’m so inspired by Alba Galocha, a blogger for Vogue España. She is just the textbook definition of g​amine​and she really knows how to mix certain looks together and wear it with ease. I find her looks have a French sensibility to them as well. Beyond these street style muses I have a massive and perpetually growing list of inspiring people and things that I update daily.

Olga couch 1

How would you describe your personal style?

If I have to label it then I guess "idiosyncratic gamine." I love tailored pieces, traditionally masculine silhouettes, and infusing some classic femininity to all of that.

I grew up with hand me downs and borrowing from my mom's closet, so even now, spending money on clothes and shoes illicit a guilty feeling that I should probably be spending my money elsewhere. Money was very tight most of my life, and I grew up a bit of a tomboy with a growing fascination for the traditionally feminine — clothes, shoes, baby­hued colors, you know, "girl stuff." I think that's why my personal style is such a mix of these two themes, masculine and feminine, boy and girl. The masculine part of my wardrobe reminds me of my upbringing and the hard work it took for me to get here. Not just my hard work, but my family's hard work. I'm only here because of them and I try to remind myself of that with every successful step in my career so I can always stay humble and with my feet on the ground. My tomboy clothing is also a little bit of my armor, too. I'm very tenacious and hard working to reach my goals, and always feel like I am more powerful and myself when I'm in masculine clothing. Even still, I love the intrigue of adding in feminine touches to all of that. I love the creativity I get to exert in building my wardrobe and defining my style over time.

YES bra with necklace

What is sexy to you?

Sense of humour is huge for me! I think sexy is having the ability to make people laugh and being positive. Even in stressful situations I think that it signifies more intelligence having the ability to make light of tough or stressful situations and just float above it all.


Follow along the next few weeks as we get intimate with 5 modern day women we admire in our local Bay Area community. 

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Getting Intimate: Tienlyn Jacobson

Follow along the next few weeks as we get intimate with 5 modern day women we admire in our local Bay Area community. This week we take a peek into the life of Tienlyn Jacobson, Blogger, Editorial Director and On-Air Host at @hellojoyus, living in Palo Alto, CA.

1) Why did you name your blog Thoughtful Misfit? 

Thoughtful Misfit is a combination of two things. ‘Misfit’ is refers to doing things your own way. It may not be the norm but it’s what’s right for you. I have a bit of an issue with the term ‘Rebel without a cause,’ because I think if you rebel, you should know why you’re doing it. Otherwise, it’s just as mindless as going along with the norm. So ‘Thoughtful’ refers to applying mindfulness to your actions. You’re not just rebelling for the sake of rebelling - you’re forging your own path, but one that makes sense with the world around you.

t 4_fix_1Tienlyn wearing our Echo Bralette

2) What is it about blogging that you truly enjoy?

I love the creative control and the possibility to grow in any direction I want. I have modeled before, I’ve worked as a stylist, and also an editor. And even though I love the collaborative feeling I get these roles, I also often felt like I was putting my energy into something that wasn’t truly mine. So a blog just made sense. It’s a space where I can create and collaborate freely, and feel like what comes from it is inherently mine. And all of the experiences and skill sets I’ve developed from my other roles just add to it in the best way.

close up panties 13) What was your last favorite purchase that you bought?

3 months ago, we bought a small, original 1950’s homesteader in Joshua Tree, called Cactus Mountain (@CactusMountain on Instagram) We fell in love with this place the moment we saw it. It’s on 2.5 acres with a million dollar view - it actually looks directly into Joshua Tree National Park. You can’t get a better view than that! We instantly fell in love with it and we’re currently renovating it - we plan to rent it on AirBnb and also live there part time. Right now, we’re working on the outdoor living room, which I’m so excited for! Think, hanging out in your living room, but with a complete, unfettered view of the mountains. I love the silence of the desert and I’ve never seen a better sunset than the ones at Cactus Mountain. It takes my breath away every single day, and I feel so lucky to own something so magical. There is this energy there that’s truly indescribable.

Wall art4) What gives you the most pleasure about living in Palo Alto?

You have all the benefits of the city but with more space and the weather is a billion times better. It is much warmer here then San Francisco. In my opinion, Palo Alto is the definition of perfect weather! I’ve lived in a lot of places including Silverlake in LA, West Village in New York and Melbourne, Australia - and not only do you have the same or greater quality of life in Palo Alto that I’ve been attracted to in other places, but there’s also this sense of entrepreneurship that is incredibly energizing. There’s a certain type of intellectualism and a love of culture here that’s perpetually inspiring.

kitchen5) Can you talk about your beautiful home in Palo Alto?

This house is over 100 years old and the thing I love most about it is its uniqueness and history. This place is not just about our history but others who came before us as well. My husband has been renovating the entire home bit by bit, and part of our approach is to work with what is already here. To start with the organic nature of the home and then to add our personal taste and style. The trick is to find a way for it to all come together and I love the result.

Teinlyn bedroom6) What is sexy to you?

I think sexy starts with knowing yourself. I also think you can find sexy in things that aren’t overtly sexual. It all comes down to context and a connection - how an action is carried out, or how a word is delivered. Even an inanimate object can be sexy. It just depends on your connection with it.

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Seamless +: Back and Better than Ever

To all our full-busted beauties out there — we feel your pain. Here's the thing. Having fuller, larger breasts is a wonderful thing — we love boobs in all shapes and sizes, including yours. We love the stunning femininity of a fuller silhouette. Many of us here at True fall into the full-busted category. Which is all the more reason that we get it – having fuller breasts can be tough. Shirts don't fit right. Plunging necklines are always a question. And our bras stretch out just a little more quickly than our shallow-cupped sisters.

Which is why we wanted to dedicate all of our resources to designing the very best bra for fuller breasts — one that will support without being bulky, and fit without losing its shape. We banished the possibility of straps digging in, and wires rubbing your rib cage the wrong way. And we tested our designs time and time again to ensure that we weren't missing any little detail.

seamless+The result? Seamless +. This is, officially, the most comfortable bra we've ever made. Features of this beauty include a front closure with adjustable, extra-wide straps (available also as a Racerback with wide criss-cross straps); contour cups for coverage and shape; plus fabric that won't stretch out.

What's more, we've gone ahead and created an even better 2.0 version after receiving valuable feedback from True&Co. customers. We released a limited number of our Seamless + bra back in May with the hopes of improving even more upon our original design. And we did. Some of our most important changes were adding a little bit of stretch to the bra to prevent it from being too snug, ensuring that the front, center clasp lies flat and straight, and improving the contour cups for an even better fit.

Our hope is that this seamless, smooth bra, designed to fit with real-deal data from you, will become your everyday, essential t-shirt bra. And hey, if it helps you flaunt your gorgeous, full breasts with more confidence and comfort, we consider our mission accomplished.

10:13 am

New Neutrals

It's official: September has arrived, and with it, full permission to go on a fall wardrobe-inspired shopping spree. Sure, it may still be 80 degrees in the shade out there, but sweater weather will be here before you know it, and we'd be remiss to not have plenty of great-looking fall staples.That includes some of our favorite lingerie pieces in subtle, sophisticated shades — the New Neutrals, if you will. We love busting out the bold, bright shades for the dog days of summer; fall calls for something a little softer, a little more classic.

IMG_0323That's why we're excited to share that some of our best-selling bras are now available in sweet, versatile Dulce, and ever-classic black. Specifically, stock up on new shades of wardrobe staples like our award-winning Multi-Way strapless, our ultra comfy Convertible Wirefree, and our beloved Bralette, all from our essentials collection. Of course, sweater weather calls for just the right Pushup bra, too — we've got you covered, with ours available in Dulce, black, and nude.

IMG_0312Come at us, fall — we're ready and waiting.

Check out more of our very favorite bras and panties in beautiful neutral shades here

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Revamping for Fall

As summer comes to an end, we're readying ourselves to say a bittersweet farewell to long days, warm nights, and gloriously slow hours lazing in the golden afternoon (with a glass of rose in hand). It's a little hard to let go... but there's no denying the electricity in the air that harkens fall's arrival.

Maybe it's those memories of heading back to school, but in some ways, fall feels like as much of a fresh start as January 1. And why not? With the lifting of the summer haze, now feels like the perfect time to reset and revamp — everything from getting reinvigorated about a major goal at work to finally cleaning out your closet (all the more room for some new fall essentials!).

Naturally, we think that every good life recharge deserves some fresh, new lingerie. But before you take the plunge with a bevy of bra purchases, it's worth tackling the hydra's nest that is your lingerie drawer. We get it – our bras get tangled and cluttered beyond belief. So, in the spirit of fall and fresh starts, we've put together our top 5 tips for getting your lingerie drawer under control. Come at us, September!

falldrawer1. Empty that big mess out. The best way to clean a mess is to make an even bigger one — pull everything out of your lingerie drawer and start sorting (now is also a great time to get rid of those bras that are past their prime, or donate them to a good cause).

2. Separate your bras by style, color, or occasion. Do you think of your bras in terms of their style (t-shirt, racerback, push-up)? Do you pick a bra with color on the mind? Or, are your bras divided into categories like “everyday,” “date night,” “weekend?” Figure out a system that makes sense to you, and organize your bras in piles accordingly.

3. Assess your space. Have enough for drawers that can be dedicated to bras, undies, and loungewear alone? Great! If things are a little more cramped, consider drawer organizers to keep your sections separate. Keep “related” items together, that way you don’t have to throw everything together in the quest for that one bra you just can’t find.

4. “Spoon” your bras. Bras are made for spooning — cute, right? It also makes storing them in a space-efficient way much easier. Fold the bras in half, tuck the straps in, and line the cups together. This will allow you to “flip” through them without taking your drawer apart, and easily put bras away, too.

5. Keep one-off bras separate. Have a bra that you acquired, and only wear, with one specific dress or shirt? Keep it with that item of clothing. In addition to freeing up space in your all-purpose lingerie wardrobe, you’ll always be able to find it when you’re wearing that outfit.

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What We're Eyeing This Month: August

When it comes to taste, we've got one word for yours — impeccable. No one understands your personal style quite like, well, you, so naturally, we want to know which pieces you love best. Still, even the most fabulous of fashionistas can use some expert advice from time to time. Introducing "What We're Eyeing This Month," a roundup of this month's top picks from our fabulous team of True&Co. stylists. Here's what we're loving this month.

A retro argyle pattern and a lovely shade of light purple? We're obsessed with the Elizabeth bra, a gorgeous balconette bra, brand new from Felina. Even better, it has the same great fit as Felina's Marielle.

endlesssummerblogLooking to show off your summer tan? Heidi Klum's Sun Kissed bra, a True Approved pick, will do the trick nicely; the bright color and playful pattern will look lovely on your bronzed bod. Even better — you can get panties and a garter belt to match.

malibublueblogSpeaking of bold, bright colors, there's no time like the late-summer present to rock your rainbow-hued bras. We're loving everything and anything in ocean-inspired Malibu Blue, particularly the Mesh T-Back Racerback. Layer it while CHRLDR's aptly named Irresistible tee; summer days, come at us.

Of course, summer vibes don't prevent us from falling hard for timeless, classically-inspired lingerie pieces, too. The Delano racerback from our Bezier line is all smooth lift and butterfly lace — it's hard to go wrong with classic black, but we love Delano in a delicate shade of Dulce. It's great for showcasing that summer tan, and pairing with your winter whites.