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Uniform Featured on Man Repeller!

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This month we partnered with one of our favorite fashion personalities - Man Repeller. We love Leandra Medine’s signature wit and style and we're super excited to have her and her team share their love for their True&Co. bras.

"I hate quizzes but this one was easy. There were pictures, there were boob facts (did you know over 40% of women have two different sized breasts?), and in less than a minute this site had nailed down my size, shape, padding preference (none, thnx) and also had a solid grip on my general brasserie aesthetic…which is more or less that if I can’t not wear a bra, I want to wear the least cup-y bra available. This peach one by their own line Uniform does that trick. And it comes in grey – so I’ll take both please. (That means now I have 7 bras.)"

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"If I can’t go bra-commando, then I also want the most feminine one they’ve got. I also want one that I’m going to wear every day under loose tops but no one can say anything about it because it’s so dang pretty. (We’re at 9 now. My girl-group is growing.)

And finally, just in case technology is moving faster than I realize, I want one serious crowd pleaser should airport security get any tighter. One that says, 'Yes my socks are mismatched and I have toothpaste on my shirt, but holy hannah, would ya look at my bra.'"

See the entire post here: Let’s Talk Bras

The Man Repeller loved the Dentelle, Zinia, and Uniform Bralette and we think you will too! Try them today!

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Très Chic!


It starts in the airport.

As soon as you arrive in Paris, at Charles-de-Gaulle, you see them — the billboards, featuring beautiful, artfully posed models, lips full, breasts bared.

Yes, breasts. In advertising, and in life, the French are not shy about showing off the girls — female nudity is natural, and beautifully so. It’s showcased without embarrassment. And French breasts aren’t portrayed in the bodacious, pushed-up-to-your-chin style that you’ll see in U.S. lingerie campaigns; they’re more matter-a-fact, a beautiful part of the female body that would be foolish to hide.


You’ll see it in the advertisements throughout the city, in the Metro stations, and on television. Now, it’s reflected in the fashion, as well. Wandering through the Marais, a charming neighborhood filled with trendy boutiques, tasty falafel and gorgeously hip Parisians, you’ll see lithe French ladies going full-on braless, or rocking barely-there bralettes under thin cotton tanks, cut low on the side and the front to show off their bras, and of course, breasts.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the French are on the cutting-edge of fashion, from haute couture to everyday lingerie wear. And while we’re not quite sure that we’ll be letting our nips slip stateside quite yet, we love the attitude that allows you to show off your lovely lingerie, rather than covering it up. What fun is wearing a gorgeous bra if barely anyone gets to see it?


So, inspired by the très chic ladies of the Marais, we’re going to be trying out some sweet bralettes with racerback shirts, like the stylish Uniform Bralette or sassy Colette, and are going to let the gorgeous details of our favorite Lacy Leanne bralette (in a bright, summer-ready shade!) peek out of a deep-v neckline.

What are your favorite beautiful bras that you want to try to show off?

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#TrueUniform: Blogger Edition

This week's collection of #TrueUniform posts features photos from some of our favorite bloggers!

pancakestacker #trueuniform"I've always believed there's beauty in simplicity, and my personal style is a reflection of that. I'll often skip the bells and whistles and let one or two statement pieces do the talking. But, simplicity doesn't mean I'm sacrificing style. If anything, I believe it's the basic pieces that can really anchor and amplify a look. My new Uniform bralette is a perfect example of that - a dainty staple that's a no-brainer under clothes, but just as easy to pair with loose tops and tanks, should I decide to show it off a little.

Oh, and being that I'm a foodie fashionista, sweet treats always seem to make their way into my day. It may be cliche to admit that macarons are my favorite, but even these delicate desserts embody my taste for simplicity. They're uncomplicated in form, but unique in flavor and powerfully delicious with each bite. Proof that simple isn't boring - simple is standing out."

Chandamheer Stacker from pancakeSTACKER, @pancakeSTACKER


"True & Co.'s latest collection to launch is Uniform, a line of 'live-in luxury basics' that is just as pretty and girly as it is comfortable, and that's something that anyone can love.  A full line of bras, undies, and loungewear, Uniform is reasonably priced with everything under $50 and will instantly add a little luxe to your everyday.  If you've taken the initial fit quiz, True & Co.'s website will actually steer you towards the pieces and sizes that are best for you.  I recently took the 'Unlined Triangle' for a spin, and this comfortable little number is definitely now a part of my summer uniform."

Nikki Minton from My Style Diaries, @mystylediaries


"I'm a tomboy at heart, so my uniform usually involves something masculine mixed with something feminine, like an oversized blazer paired with a mini, or boyfriend jeans and a lace top. My days usually involve changing hats often or going straight from work to blog events, so feeling confident in what I'm wearing help me get through presentations, meetings, and beyond.

when i'm at home, the weekend is all about ease, and my weekend uniform consists of an old sweatshirt (probably a champion one from college) and lounge pants. i know, not exactly the most put together way to go out (if i have to). but i'm totally into the idea of loungewear as stylish anyday wear. true and co., the company that changed the way you buy a bra, has a new loungewear line called uniform. it's all about having the perfect base layer for your every day life. it was made using the information in the fit quiz from a half a million women, making it made for us, designed by us. bras are lined in soft microfiber, hipsters have laser cut edges for no panty-lines (not to mention both come in a range of nude shades), and loungewear is comfy yet sexy. as a sweatshirt lover, i'm totally into the cut-out sweatshirt...layer a lacy bra underneath or a cami for more coverage."

Kimara Mitchell Stokes from J'adore Couture, @kimair

TrueUniform - Pocketful of Joules

"As a full time Marketing specialist, lifestyle blogger and mom to a 2 year old, I take my downtime VERY seriously! Whenever I can get away, I'm off to the beach and this outfit of comfy, yet sassy pieces fits my lifestyle perfectly. I paired the fantastic True&Co. Uniform racerback tank with a pair of destroyed cutoffs, a one-piece Modcloth swimsuit for chasing my little man, spiked Sam Edelman sandals and my new favorite etsy necklace. "

Joules from Pocketful of Joules, @joulesdellinger

Be sure to check out each of their blogs and the latest True&Co. reviews from our customers here!
Show us YOUR Uniform by sharing your photos with us and tagging #TrueUniform!

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What's your #TrueUniform?

No underwire necessary. Today's #TrueUniform round up features our amazing new Uniform Convertible Wirefree!

Brit Morin TrueUniform

"My empowerment comes from living my passions. I put all of my efforts into my company, creative freedom, physical needs and family.

Whether I am snacking on healthy foods like a green smoothie, apple or Kind bar, or doing daily exercises like in-home yoga, a light hike or an intense Soul Cycle session, I spend time nurturing my body. Creatively, I always have a note pad nearby to write down the latest inspired DIY projects, ideas or tips. Also, don’t be surprised if you find DIY tools or crafts, and 3D printed accessories in my purse!

I’m always on the go and dressing comfortably and fashionably is a must, especially while pregnant! Having staple flats available and wearing my ultra comfortable Uniform bra are daily must haves.

Learning and understanding technology’s latest trends, and how they can improve our every day lives, is a large part of who I am. Staying connected and creative empowers me to inspire others, to live what they love, and pursue their own passions."

Brit Morin, Brit + Co. Founder & CEO @brit

Aileen TrueUniform

"I love the versatility of my Uniform Convertible Wirefree bra. It's so comfortable and lightweight that it effortlessly takes me through my busy days under any outfit. I also love the sophisticated Scallop Shell shade as a fresh take on classic, girly pink - it's my new favorite neutral and everyday bra. My iPhone, of course, is always close by for staying on top of emails and news on the go, and my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15 is an essential beauty staple in my bag. With this uniform, I'm armed to take on the day."

Aileen Lee, Cowboy Ventures @aileenlee

Be uniquely and comfortably you. Discover your Uniform at True&Co. today.
We want to see your Uniform: Share your photos with us and tag #TrueUniform!

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Introducing #TrueUniform

We're excited to introduce the launch of our new #TrueUniform campaign! Since our newest line was inspired by the idea of a ‘Uniform’, aka what a woman puts on underneath to take on the world, we decided to create our own mood boards (and tapped some close friends of ours as well) to creatively express how our intimates fit into our everyday lives and personal uniforms. We like to think of them as reflections of our daily armor, what we love and cherish, and what equips us to take on the world as women. Stay tuned for more collages and be sure to upload your own with the hashtag #TrueUniform!

Michelle's #trueuniform

"When I'm out and about the last thing I want to worry about is how comfortable my bra is so we created the Convertible Wirefree as the perfect everyday bra. This easy-fit wireless bra is an amazing staple piece and since it can covert into a racerback I can wear it with almost anything. It's so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it sometimes! My other essentials include my Comme des Garçons pouch (I never leave the house without it), my business cards, light make-up for touch ups, and a piece of fruit as a healthy midday snack. I also really love this poster that we have hanging in the office and when I look up at it I'm motivated to continue doing what we're doing'We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things.'"

Michelle Lam, True&Co. Founder/CEO

Nikki's #trueuniform

"The pieces pictured are my "goes-with-everything" kit. I love the Uniform Cut-Out Sweatshirt to wear with jeans so my favorite bra peeks through, but it also looks chic thrown over a dress. The perfect traveling layer! My aviators and raptor ring can dress up or look subtle enough to go casual, and I usually keep make-up to a minimum with Chapstick and vetiver oil (alleviates anxiety!). I always have post-its, sharpies and my sketch book in arm's reach to jot down ideasyou never know when one's going to strike. "

Nikki Dekker, True&Co. Designer/Creative Director

Deena's #trueuniform

"Fashion is all about play and creation. I like wearing creative and silly things that express that I'm serious about play. It empowers me and it empowers people around me to have fun."

Deena Varshavskaya, CEO of Wanelo @siberianfruit


"As an early stage VC, I'm a busy bee, darting to meetings and events all day long well into the evening - being fast, flexible, and connected at all times matters a ton. After an early morning run, I sip herbal tea (I gave up coffee over a year ago!) and scan email and news on my iPhone for the first of many, many, many times throughout the day. My Paige Skyline Skinny Jeans, paired with a blazer, a cute tank, and my Vince black suede heels, are the second skin that helps me go from day to night. And Uniform's Multi-Way bra offers me perfect versatility underneath (not only am I an investor in True&Co, I'm one of their best customers!). Around my neck hangs a gift from someone very special, it's my way to stay connected even when we're far apart. And of course I never leave the house without sun protection - or mascara. I swear by Benefit's They're Real Mascara (add an extra coat at night) and was so thrilled to find out that Trish McEvoy makes lip gloss with SPF. Toss on my shades, grab the keys to my red mini convertible, and I'm ready to take on the world. Hopefully I haven't forgotten my phone charger!"

Stephanie Palmeri, SoftTech VC @stephpalmeri

Be uniquely and comfortably you. Discover your Uniform at True&Co. today.
We want to see your Uniform: Share your photos with us and tag #TrueUniform!

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Uniform: It's All in the Details

What do you get when you combine two layers of the softest microfiber fabric, modern bra design, and data from over half a million women? Our new Uniform collection includes eight innovative bra silhouettes that were created by women, for women. We know how important a woman's everyday uniform is so we focused on creating the perfect line and spared no details when it came to designing this line.

Introducing Uniform

Our light-as-air Convertible Wirefree bra supports and shapes your bust without the use of any wires for an easy fit and features a unique j-hook on the back strap that allows you to easily convert it into a racerback. Have a fuller bust? the Unlined Triangle + is a full-coverage bra designed especially for you and is so comfortable you have to try it to believe it. If you're looking for a more fashion-forward silhouette, our Uniform Bralette features a subtly sexy open-mesh band and double elastic straps which add hints of texture to its sleek design. For a little lift, our Pushup offers subtle contoured padding in the seamless demi cups which provide a little help without being too pushy. Finally, if you're looking for the perfect essential strapless look no further than our Uniform Multi-Way which comes with 2 removable straps that can be worn 5 different ways to transform the silhouette to fit your outfit-of-the-day.

Uniform: It's All in the Details

Be uniquely and comfortably you. Discover your Uniform at True&Co. today.

12:02 am

Uniform: The Inspiration

If there's one thing almost all women can agree on it's this: bra shopping sucks. Bad lighting. Cramped fitting rooms. That lady with the tape measure. After countless bad experiences in the fitting room we set out to reinvent the experience and introduced our quiz to determine your unique shape. Two years later we're introducing Uniform, our new line of basic undergarments inspired by everything we've learned from YOU.

A note from Nikki

So how did over half a million women help design our new Uniform line? Unlike jeans and shirts, bras are far more complicated to construct so we relied on over 7 million data points from the more than 500,000 women who took our quiz and helped us create a new approach to bra fitting. Using those pieces of data we were able to identify more than 6,000 different body types which then went into the creation of our TrueSpectrum system and Uniform line.

500,000 Women Designed This Collection

Want to learn more? Discover your Uniform at True&Co. today.

12:01 am

Uniform Live-In Luxury Basics

See our Uniform video for more information.

What goes into the making of a line? Half a million women, 6,000 body types, and over a million data points later comes Uniform, our new line of live-in luxury basics designed to fit your unique body type beautifully and take you through your entire day. See more about how it all came together in our first ever video!

Be uniquely and comfortably you. Discover your Uniform at True&Co. today.

12:00 am

Introducing Uniform

Introducing Uniform!We are thrilled to announce the launch of Uniform, our new collection designed by women, for women. Using fit data from over half a million women, we created a line of premium undergarment basics for women: fifteen essentials that include eight innovative bra silhouettes. Uniform is designed to fit your unique body type beautifully and take you through your entire day. Uniform is also the first brand to be created with TrueSpectrum, our body-focused approach to finding your perfect fit.

Designed as a ‘second skin’ of luxurious everyday basics, Uniform also expands on our loungewear offerings of stylish yet comfortable separates to include bottoms, a tank and a modern cut-out sweatshirt. These live-in basics can be worn by themselves or layered under your your everyday outfits.

Find your Uniform today.

Be uniquely and comfortably you. Discover your Uniform at True&Co. today.

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From Our Fans

from our fans graphic(Top from left to right: Audrey Romano, Lisa Lane, Donna DiFrancesco; bottom from left to right: Emma Berger, Mary Hembel, @katfukui)

Here's our monthly roundup of some of our favorite bra box photos from our fans! We love seeing what our customers have been getting in each of their personal bra boxes. What will you put in YOUR Home Try-On box?

Get your own bra box today and share a picture of your box with us via Facebook or Twitter to get your exclusive promo code for a special gift! We’ll be on the lookout for more lovely photos to share on our blog so make sure to send them in!