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Breaking Up With Perfect: Nikki

Last week, we broke up with perfect -- as a term, and as a concept. Now, we’re asking some of our lovely ladies of True to tell us why they think perfect is so over… and why celebrating unique, individual beauty is our constant inspiration. Here, our Creative Director Nikki Dekker speaks on the limitations of perfection in both design and life, and how letting go of expectations can be freeing in more ways than one.


The idea of perfection is so inhuman. As designers, we should strive to create for fellow humans — in the case of True&Co., our fellow women, regardless of their shape and size.

An example of this can be found in embracing our own flaws and insecurities.

I am a very anxious person, naturally. It was particularly bad in my twenties, when I was so overly conscious of what other people thought about me. Was I interesting enough? Smart enough? Have I accomplished as much as everyone else?

Then I grew older and realized that, just like everyone else, I’m human and IT'S OKAY to not know how to do something. It's okay that I have failed miserably at snow-boarding. It's okay to admit I am horrible with geography. I can't tell you the relief that has come with allowing myself to utter the words "I don't know," or "I made a mistake." Because everyone has. And then you learn and probably won't make that mistake again. And you get better and smarter and those stories of failure or embarrassment make you more interesting.


That doesn’t mean I still don’t have my anxieties. I’ll always be an anxious person. But this acknowledgment, this dismissal of perfection, has made it so much more tolerable. I can almost physically feel weight being lifted from me when I think about it.

Believe it or not, I love getting older. I actually kind of like wrinkles and grey hair. And while I'm not crazy about my metabolism high-tailing it out of my body, I can accept it, because it’s what inevitably happens and all you can say is, "Now what?" All through my career, I've enjoyed designing for myself. So as these milestones and skin firmness pass, I can call upon experience to aid my design because I know most people have likely gone through something like it (whether that's a changing physique or needing the perfect bra to wear to that party you're secretly dreading).

I wouldn’t be who I am today without my imperfections. Neither would you! By making those and saying “I don’t know,” you get to be better than perfect — you get to be you.

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Breaking Up With Perfect

breaking up with perfectNow that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, we want to talk about break ups. Specifically, our break up with with a super appealing, easy to get attached to kind of word: perfect.

You heard us, ladies. We’re breaking up with perfect… with the term, the concept, and the implication that there’s one version of “ideal” out there. Why? Because we don’t believe that there’s such a thing as perfect. There are too many ways to feel good, fit well, and feel beautiful for any one of them to be the very best.

Here’s our beef with “perfect.” It implies that there’s no room for improvement. If we promise you a perfect bra and a perfect fit, we’re suggesting that there is no possible way that we can learn more about you — your shape and your tastes — that can help us provide you with something even better. As a company, we never want to imply that we’re done learning, growing, and improving… we’re not perfect, and we don’t think we ever want to be.

And then, there’s the ways we relate to “perfection” as women. There are far too many messages out there about the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect way to be beautiful. How can that even be possible, when there are so, so many kinds of beauty out there? We don’t want to look one way to achieve perfection; we want to be ourselves, and feel amazing doing so. We want to be our best selves, a self that can evolve, a self that changes her mind about things.

Celebrating that individuality has been tantamount in building True&Co., and will continue to guide us as we design better products, reach more shapes and sizes with our TrueSpectrum, and improve your Personal Shop to allow you to have a great shopping experience. We want to fit you and your needs better. What’s more, we never want you to feel like you have to change to fit us “perfectly.”

So we’re done with you, perfect. We’re all about celebrating individuality, and doing our best — and focusing on all of the ways that we can get even better from here.

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Introducing the Bra of 2015

Ladies, today is the greatest day to have boobs. Not since the invention of the Wonderbra have we seen such an opportunity for innovation and democratization of the bra. And at this titillating moment, on the eve of Valentine's Day when we are pommeled with ads and images for some of the craziest lingerie contraptions that have little to do with the other 364 days of the year, we're just going to call it: This is the bra of 2015.


This beautiful, ultra-feminine silhouette is standard on the lingerie rack. It’s the bra made famous by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s, whose signature voluptuousness could be better showcased with this bra. The balconette is known for its reduced coverage - as hinted by its storied and descriptive name, the structure of the garment pushes the breasts out and away from the torso, much like a balcony; and anyone sitting in a balcony overhead would not be able to see the bra when looking down at a woman donning one.


bra of the year collageImage sources: Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Christian Dior

Today, the balconette is one of the most popular bra silhouettes, given its ideal fit and flattery of so many body shapes. The balconette silhouette is distinctive because of the wide-set straps and open neckline, so it's extremely flattering on a wide range of body types, from petite to plus sizes. It highlights a woman's shape while being supportive and comfortable.

Based on our data from 1.5 million of you, balconettes sell 33% faster than other styles. It’s also being modernized by brands across the industry, including Elle Macpherson- Exotic Plume and Dentelle, Montelle- Coquette, Claudette- Dessous, and Felina- Marielle.

Even with its vavoom roots of yesteryear, this is the bra for women of 2015. As such, we’ve carefully curated a beautiful selection of bras for a multitude of body types and breast shapes across our TrueSpectrum and across brands we love.

bra of the year balconette collection

Make 2015 your year with our collection of shamelessly sexy lace and mesh balconettes.

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Nude Lace: The New Sexy

DSC_9069We’ve been talking a lot about sexiness this past month at True&Co. Who would make great representatives for our Style of Sexy series? What products do we love most for ladies who are game to get a little freaky, and those who like their lingerie to be as beautiful as it is comfortable? We even shared our thoughts on the 50 Shades phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation last week, along with some sexy sets that we’re sure Mr. Grey would approve of.

DSC_8940Sometimes, all this sexy talk can have us feeling like we’re playing dress up. Fire-engine red lace and black straps and bows galore – it’s fun, to be sure, but sometimes, you want a different kind of sexiness — a sexiness that’s all you in your natural, gorgeous self.

DSC_8947Of course, the easiest way to accomplish this is to go au natural, all the time (we bet your partner would be thrilled). But a lady cannot live all commando, all the time. That’s why we were so excited to release our Bézier lace bra and panty line in a subtly stunning nude hue, perfect for those days when feeling sexy just means feeling like yourself.

DSC_9020Here’s what we love about nude: it looks gorgeous on all skin tones, and it manages to emphasize your natural curves without being overly distracting. Plus, it’s a wardrobe must-have for those perfect white tees, tanks, and oxford shirts of yours.

DSC_8987We’ve taken to calling our nude lace bras and the casual, not-trying-hard appeal that comes along with it, The New Sexy. And while we firmly believe that all kinds of sexiness are created equal, we’re loving the idea of letting our natural selves shine this Valentine’s Day.

DSC_8969That’s why we released some of our favorite, and most popular pieces in the Bézier line in a lovely, natural shade of nude. Take the Christy full coverage bra, a sophisticated number perfect for larger breasts and guaranteed to give you a smooth line (along with just the right amount of lift and support). Looking to go all lace, all the way? There’s no beating the Gramercy balconette bra, a gorgeous silhouette that’s half-lined for a little bit of sheer lace action. The Gramercy Plus balconette bra is a perfect option for fuller shapes and larger sizes, too. Or the Tribeca contour demi bra, a perfect everyday bra with a demi cup and smoothing shape made for that white tee of yours. And then there’s the Bryant bralette, a bra that we’ve had a hard time not wearing everyday thanks to its comfortable shape and gorgeous, just-vintage-enough design.

DSC_9015Whatever style speaks to you, we think nude is a perfect option to have alongside that red lace, those black straps, and of course, your sexy, sexy self.

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Style of Sexy Spotlight: Khaleesi

KhaleesiIf you got Khaleesi on our Style of Sexy quiz, then "Fierce" is most likely your middle name. Just like Daenerys Targaryen, you've got a quiet ferocity about you. Beneath soft, billowy textures is unshakable strength and resolve. When you're not too busy being a fearless leader and trying to rule the Seven Kingdoms, you prefer a style that reflects your inner complexity. This translates into an eclectic style of dress that is both functional and feminine. In essence, you're not only the Mother of Dragons, you're also the queen of Boho chic.

But queens don't really have time to style themselves, what with all the conquests that populate their calendars. So we threw together a little style cheat sheet for you; this way, ruling and just being all around awesome can remain your number one priority.

Khaleesi 2Khaleesi style hack #1: Stick to natural colors and textures. A good queen keeps it real and all natural so steer clear of polyester and synthetic materials. #2: When it comes to lingerie, channel patterns in nature. Laurel lace intimates inspired by the weave of natural foliage in muted shades of black and beige like the Verdi plunge bra and Union hipster panty from our exclusive Bézier line are definitely fit for a queen. #3 Toss in a few dragon scales for embellishment if you have that kind of access and you're ready to rule.

Khaleesi 3

Khaleesi 4So now you look like a queen but in order to be a really convincing leader you've got to act the part. You've got to have that balance of wisdom and calm that comes with harnessing so much power. To get you in that state of mind, we put together a power playlist that you can blast whenever you're flexing your royal muscles.

So go ahead, Khaleesi. Go do what queens do; go rule.

Khaleesi Playlist

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Fifty Shades of Grey

DSC_8503It’s hard to imagine a time before 50 Shades of Grey was on everyone’s cultural radar. And no matter what you think of the book’s writing quality, the upcoming movie’s casting, or the phrase, “Oh, my;” it’s impossible to deny that 50 Shades has gone full-on mainstream.

Here’s what we dig about that — it’s allowing women of all ages, shapes, preferences, and inclinations to explore their sexuality a little more, and think about trying something new. Maybe S&M isn’t your jam (or maybe it is), but we say three cheers for getting a little kinky now and again.

And really, there’s no time like Valentine’s Day to strut your frisky stuff, and indulge your inner sex goddess. Whether you’ve got your cuffs at the ready or are looking to keep it simple, a sexy new set of lingerie will have you thinking all kinds of bad thoughts (in a really good way).

DSC_8491We love the Sealed with a Tie from Trove, a wonder of lush black mesh. The bra-thong combination is a little something different, and will make it feel like a special, sexy occasion — no matter what night (or day) you choose to break it out.

DSC_8430Or, evoke a little bit of tied-up action with the A La Rose lingerie set, all strappy seduction and sheer, red rose print. Both of these little numbers are a part of our Valentine’s Day-approved Bag of Tricks sets, sure to set your Christian Grey on fire. Who cares who’s in charge when seriously sexy lingerie is involved? We think everyone wins in this kind of game.

DSC_8434 copyLooking to start a little slower? It’s impossible to deny the power of a simple black thong. The Sutton Panty from our Bezier bra and panty line features our gorgeous, foliage-inspired lace — it hugs your curves just so, and will have you feeling comfortable and gorgeous all at once. It’s the kind of lingerie must-have that will work with your everyday wardrobe… making every day a sexy one.


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All About Citrine


Hey there, Citrine! You bodacious babe, you. You are, officially, the most popular shade on the TrueSpectrum – 28% of women are shaped like you. And while we love all our TrueSpectrum shapes equally, there’s something about your sunny, Citrine demeanor that makes us smile.

What makes a Citrine lady? Your breasts are round and full, and sit centered on your chest. Maybe you’ve had a little work done, or maybe you’re naturally perky. We love your look either way — your full shape means that we like to keep support in mind, while picking bras that are as fun as they are functional.

Speaking of fun, the Abingdon longline bra from our Bézier line is just that — sultry lace, a gorgeous, slimming silhouette, and all the support you need to get that perfect amount of cleavage. Can you say va-va-voom?


Or, try the Verdi plunge bra on for size. This lace plunge bra shows off your shape while dipping down low enough for deep v-neck tees and sweaters. Like all of our Bezier bras, this is the softest lace around — perfect for a texture-free line and a gorgeous look. We’re loving the Verdi in this classic black, but you can’t go wrong with a sassy shade of red, too.

But a Citrine cannot live in lace alone (or maybe you can! We’re all for it). Full breasts mean that you need extra support for your workout purposes — a.k.a. the best sports bra, ever. We love Cory Vines’ Path sports bra, a reversible racerback that’s a fabulous shade of hot pink. A sports bra that’s cute enough to inspire us to workout? We call that a win-win.

Want to find your color on the TrueSpectrum? Take our Fit Quiz here!

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Style of Sexy Spotlight: Mrs. Smith

Mrs SmithYou're the woman who brims with confidence and never takes no for an answer. You have a steady rotation of minimal yet distinct little black dresses and a killer stare that could make anyone buckle at the knees. In essence, you're the head boss in charge.

Sexy is intrinsic to you. It flows through your veins and empowers you. This enviable confidence lends a unique audacity manifesting in your style choices as well.

On behalf of all the unapologetically sexy women out there who got Mrs. Smith on our Style of Sexy quiz, True&Co. would like to make Valentine's Day just a little more bearable for you. Ditch the girly pinks and stuffed bears for something more sophisticated and markedly adult. We've got a sleek little V-day number that stays true to your bad girl roots while appealing to your more romantic side.

mrs smith 3

It's simple, really. Think elevated elegance coupled with subtle yet sexy details. Keep the rhinestones, glitter, and all other accoutrements skewing toward "flashy" at home. The idea is that your confidence speaks for itself--you don't need conspicuous accent pieces to prove how daring you really are. Opt for subdued details like high quality lace or statement silhouettes to keep things interesting. Black is a given but feel free to experiment with shades that make you feel most elegant and sexy--rich champagnes, scarlets, and taupes come to mind for us here at True&Co. Translate all of this sex appeal into your lingerie and you have the Gramercy balconette bra and the Sutton panty from our exclusive Bézier line. Both lace adorned pieces are undeniably beautiful without trying too hard, which is basically Mrs. Smith's M.O.mrs smith 2mrs smith 1

Your ensemble tells only half the story for V-day. The rest is attitude. Mrs. Smith is a genuine BAMF, in the truest sense of the acronym. She's got a knowing ferocity that is both powerful and quiet. We curated a playlist of rock'n roll croons and straight up sexy tunes that are sure to conjure up this same sense of sultry empowerment that Mrs. Smith wears so well.

Go on, get sexy.
Mrs. Smith Playlist

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Win $2,500 for the Valentine's Day You Deserve!


It's that time again. January is nearing the end of its rope, candy hearts are quickly populating the shelves prefacing grocery store checkouts, and the V-word is being tossed about as often as you might overhear "coconut oil" or "tinder." Regardless of how personal experience (or lack thereof) has colored your impression of Valentine's Day, there is an undeniable appeal to February 14th. Erase obsolete Valentine's Day associations like the hovering cherubs and candy grams (just kidding, "You go Glen Coco!"). What's really inviting about Valentine's Day is how modern women are defining and redefining the love holiday as they see fit. For some, it means spending they day cherishing long-time life partners even more than they usually do. For others, it means pushing personal boundaries, trying something new and indulging in an adventurous fling. And for a happy chunk of the population, V-day isn't Valentine's Day at all--it's Gal-entine's day, a day spent with best friends, burritos, wine, and a whole 'lotta Netflix.

At True&Co., we define it as a day of pure, unadulterated love. And the lucky recipient of our raw affection? None other than Y-O-U.

We paired up with Refinery29 and Rebecca Taylor to treat you to the Valentine's Day you deserve with a $2,000 shopping spree from Rebecca Taylor, $250 worth of treasured beauty products, and $250 worth of luxury lingerie from yours truly.

TruCo_editorial_socialHead on over to Refinery29 for 5 ridiculously attractive and spot on outfits for an unforgettable V-day ensemble and enter to win the $2,500 value prize here.

Loving others is wonderful but to us, loving you is paramount. Every woman should have a chance at the Valentine's Day she deserves. Best of luck!

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The Valentine's Day Shop

sealed with a tieWe’ve got some feelings about Valentine’s Day, many of which we shared last week. A lot of those have to do with embracing your own personal brand of sexy, a mentality that we think makes Valentine’s Day all about you, in the best of ways.

With that in mind, we’d like to direct your attention to our super fabulous Valentine’s Day shop, filled with delightful and delicious lingerie sure to satisfy your sexy style… and make you feel just a little more special come February.

Maybe you’re in a romantic mood, all flowers and lace and the wonderful sentiments that go along with it. Or perhaps you’re feeling a bit bad, with images of blindfolds and bondage-inspired bustiers. Whatever your inclinations, we suggest sharing the shop as a pointed Valentine’s Day gift hint, or better yet, treating yourself to something hot and new.

Clearly, we’re all about you picking your V-Day pleasure. But we wanted to share a few favorites that we’ve been eyeing with our own lingerie drawers in mind, Valentine’s Day-related or not.


We don’t want to pick favorites, but the Abingdon Longline Bra from our lace collection has been our obsession of late. This slimming, perfectly sculpted lace number gives the suggestion of a corset, with none of the binding discomfort. The longer line, lace detailing, and suggestive cup shape screams romance to us… while remaining modern, sophisticated, and sexy.

There’s no denying the appeal of black lace, but we’ve been all about the subtle sexiness of nude lingerie, too. The Bryant bralette, edged in lace, has a sultry vintage feel to it, and shows of your gorgeous shape to the fullest. It’s beyond comfortable, too, for those of us who feel the sexiest when we’re the most comfortable.

Bryant Bralette

Of course, if there’s ever a time to go all-out with lingerie daring and sexy sets, it’s Valentine’s Day. The Sealed with a Tie bra and panty set from Trove screams sex appeal, with a soft, romantic edge. Soft black mesh forms a bow on this balconette bra that just begs to be untied… a welcome invitation for a romantic night in.

What’s on your Valentine’s Day Wish List? Tell us on Twitter or tag us on Instagram!