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Summer Bra Care

Bear with us: we’re going to get a little personal. These hot summer days are giving us one hell of a summer glow, the kind that, if we’re being honest, is called sweat. It’s inevitable that things get a little steamy in these mid-summer months, and with August here, we’re getting ready to tackle something we’ve been neglecting: taking care of our bras.

IMG_9935Hear us out. Summer heat equals that pesky under-boob sweat, which means that your bras need to be washed even more often than usual. Don’t panic. With our quick tips on how to best take care of your bra; your lingerie wardrobe will be feeling super fresh in no time. Even better, you’ll have the secret weapons you need to make your bra last longer. Here’s how to dominate summer “glow:”

Hand Washing is Best, But the Gentle Cycle Will Do. Ah, the dreaded hand washing rule. It definitely is best for your bras (and really, doesn’t take more than a few minutes), but if you have a gentle cycle on your washer, that should work as well. The key is putting as little stress on your bras as possible — this is especially important in summer months when you’re likely washing your bras more than usual. Keep in mind your regular laundry rules — separate lights and darks, don’t use hot water, and always hook those babies up before putting them in the machine.

IMG_9938Sometimes, Special Supplies Are Worth It. Things worth investing in for your bra care routine: special, gentle detergent, which helps your elastic and fabrics last longer; and a lingerie bag, which keeps your bras from twisting, catching, and stretching on other laundry items. Think of it this way — a small investment will help your bigger bra purchases last even longer.

Hang Dry. An easy one! Just say no to the dryer – hang your bras out to dry, and don’t be afraid to get creative! On your shower, on doorknobs, on a hanger — with pretty enough bras, it may as well be an avant garde form of interior design.

Know When to Let Go. Sometimes, the most important part of bra maintenance is knowing when it’s time to say goodbye… specifically, when it’s time for a new bra. Stretched-out straps, loose bands, and collapsing cups are all indicative that it’s time for this particular piece to retire. In other words, your bra should not look like the next load of laundry will full-on destroy it.

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Something Special for Your Lingerie Drawer

We talk a lot about our creative process and inspirations here at True&Co. Everything from classic summer styles to self-confident, empowered women we admire influence how we design our bras, undies, and loungewear. But it’s not all big picture thinking. We’re majorly inspired by other lingerie designers and brands, particularly those that have a recognizable style and clear-cut ethos.

Because we love the work that these designers are doing, we want to make a point to share them with you, our lovely True&Co. community. Meet True Approved: a carefully curated selection of pieces and brands that we love. Think high-end, special occasion bras and garter belts; sassy, silky loungewear; and peek-a-boo bras that are just risky enough. True Approved products range from established boutique brands to amazing, up-and-coming designers from around the world.

We’ll be sharing our top True Approved picks with you every month, in the hopes that you’ll find a piece or three that you love just as much as we do. This month, for example, we’re obsessed with this Petunia bra from Else Lingerie. The longline silhouette, dreamy pattern, and antique rose-colored mesh lace is pure summer romance. Or, this dead sexy A Corps Perdu bralette from Heidi Klum Intimates, complete with partial underwire (for lift and support) and sheer, barely-there black lace cups.

We’ve been eyeing some seriously sweet loungewear goodies, too. Like this beyond-soft Très Bien graphic tee from CHRLDR — you can dress it up with skinny jeans and heels, or throw it over your bikini en route to the beach. Better yet, pair it with these fabulous floral Satin Lounge Short from Private Arts for a oh-so-chic loungewear combo you'll want to live in.

It’s worth noting that we have extremely limited quantities of our True Approved picks, so if you love something, don’t let it get away! If you missed a piece this time around, make sure to check your inbox and our New Arrivals collection for our freshest True Approved picks. And, of course, we want to hear from you: tweet us what products you’re loving the most @trueandcompany and Instagram your favorites @trueandco (don't forget to hashtag #trueandco)!

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Planning A Getaway

Real talk: summertime gets our travel bug going in the worst way. Alright, if we’re really being honest, we’ve always got a hint of the travel bug — and with so many marvelous places to explore in this big, wide world of ours, we’re resigned to remaining in something of a constant state of wanderlust.

But there is something about summer that gets us more motivated to start seriously planning adventures, whether they’re long-weekend getaways or epic journeys in the months to come. The best part? It seems that there’s a destination for every inclination — whether you’re feeling a glamorous urban getaway, an otherworldly trek in the far corners of the globe, or total relaxation on a picture-perfect beach. So pack your bags and read our top tips for planning a trip to remember.

suitcasesavvyKnow what you want out of your trip. This is our essential starting place — deciding what kind of trip we want to take. Do we want to push our limits and get out of our comfort zone? Indulge in five-star food and glamorous hotels? Do nothing but read on the beach with an icy cocktail in hand? There is no wrong answer here, but make sure you’re planning the trip that YOU want. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself bored on a beach when you’d rather be museum hopping, or navigating your way through a Southeast Asian city when all you want are the comforts of a resort. Looking for inspiration? We like sites like Zicasso (for curated luxury travel), Bon Appétit City Guides (for culinary wanderings), and even Airbnb to give us ideas on where to go.

Get tips from locals. It’s a great big world out there, rich for exploring… but the world has gotten decidedly smaller these days. Heading to the Riviera? We bet your college roommate’s cousin’s business associate has spent summers there since she was a child and knows the very best spots for beachside champagne. Trekking through Laos? Your brother’s Little League teammate just finished a stint in the Peace Corps there. Reach out to your larger network, and take advantage of any and all tips from your friends of friends (of friends) who live in your destination, or have spent ample time there. Alternatively, you can go straight to the source – EatWith offers meals from skilled professional and amateur chefs in homes, with locations around the world.

Seek out local blogs and apps for even more recs. If we can’t find a resident to show us around, we like seeking out publications and apps dedicated to our destination of choice. Le Fooding, the guide to all things hip in France, has an English language app that’s great for restaurant and hotel recommendations. Culinary Backstreets has become our bible when eating in Turkey, Barcelona, and beyond. Even better — these apps are location-based, and tend to work without wifi.

Go for printed guide book. We do the vast majority of our travel planning online. But there’s something about a physical guidebook — being able to flip through and mark things we’re excited about, coming across new neighborhoods and destinations that we hadn’t even considered, even reading it on the plane when electronic devices are a no go — that just can’t be replaced. We’re all about go-to guidebooks like Lonely Planet and Fodor’s, but love more off-the-map ones, too — Louis Vuitton has a darling series of city guides and, while they aren’t comprehensive, their approach is beyond charming (and their picks are top notch, too).

Don’t overplan. For all of our tips and advice, our biggest one is NOT to bog your travel plans down with, well, too many plans. Allowing room for spontaneity can allow for the most memorable, and wonderful, parts of your travel experiences — stumbling into a nondescript enoteca in the Italian countryside; happening upon a hidden beach in Thailand; finding your new favorite coffee shop in Auckland. Give yourself time to breathe, to soak in your surroundings, and to really explore a bit… even if exploring means trying a new drink at the poolside bar.

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The Dresses of Summer

What’s your favorite thing about summer? Is it the longer nights, the beach days, the feeling of summer vacation that never quite disappears? We’re going to go ahead and say all of the above… provided they allow us to bust out our favorite warm weather frocks that have been sorely neglected all winter long. That’s the thing about summer — it makes you want to show a little leg, slip into something a little more comfortable, and pair it all with a fabulous pair of sunglasses or some strappy open-toed heels.

Naturally, every great dress deserves a fitting bra to go with it. Here are our picks for must-have bras to go with our favorite summer styles.

The Low-Back (or Backless!) Maxi. There’s nothing like a good maxi dress — comfortable, flattering, and versatile, it works just as well for a day in wine country as a night out on a Brooklyn rooftop. This year, we’re loving styles that show off your tan lines… on your back, that is. While these dresses are great excuses to go braless (we dig), they’re an equally great vehicle for showing off the lovely backs of some of your more detailed bras. We love the Delano Racerback bra, for its gorgeous lace details; it’s far too pretty to cover up (a true summer sentiment). Going for a classic, racerback maxi look instead of going fully bare? The Mesh T-Back Racerback bra will slip easily underneath.


The Strapless. We’re renewing our love with strapless sundresses this summer — pair it with a snazzy hat and a pair of espadrilles and you’ve got a look that’s part vintage Hollywood, part French Riviera, and all kinds of fabulous. Of course, the one downside of the strapless dress is the strapless bra that has to go with it. Until now! The Multi-Way Strapless bra will fit you (and your look) like a glove, preventing the oh-so-fun dress hike up.


The T-Shirt. There’s nothing quite like the classic cool of a good t-shirt dress. Wear it in solids or nautical stripes, and you’ll be as classy as you are comfortable. The same rule applies to the dress as to the shirt — a good t-shirt bra goes a long way. We love the Christy bra and the Riverside bra — you can count on them for smooth lines and comfortable support. Plus, you can wear it in our sweet new shade of Dulce — a lovely new neutral for this versatile style.


The Free and Flowy. Summer’s the perfect time to break out your lightweight, barely-there fabrics, particularly when they come in breezy summer dress-form. We love a good gauzy, flowy dress that just begs for a beachside sunset — florals are fabulous with this kind of silhouette, as is clean, classic white (all the better to show off your summer tan!). Pair this free and easy look with a plunge bra, like our beloved Verdi; it will bolster the dress’s silhouette while still maintaining its light as air look.

The Skirt and a Crop Top. It’s not exactly a dress… but we cannot get enough of this summer’s ‘90s throwback to the high-waisted skirt and crop top. We’ve found that a balconette bra gives your crop top just the right kind of lift and shape — try the sweet and sassy Gray Dot Felina Balconette from Marielle for a look that’s stylishly vintage in more ways than one.

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Hosting A Summer Soirée

Happy Fourth of July Weekend, gorgeous summer girls! We’re not sure about you, but we have a feeling this Independence Day is going to be the best one yet — in addition to feeling a little extra patriotic this week, the holiday falls on a Saturday, and our summer tans have finally started to stick. The stars (and stripes) truly have aligned, haven’t they?

Which is all the more reason to start planning a patriotic barbecue, a dinner party under the stars, or even a good old fashioned dance party. Whether it’s holiday specific or just in the general spirit of summer celebrations, we are in full support of any and all excuses to throw a good party. Here are our top four tips for throwing a successful summer bash, directly inspired by the way we approach designing and creating beautiful lingerie. You’d be amazed at how much the two have in common — the best ones have you looking and feeling great, while giving you a little boost, too. And, most important, the best parties that we’ve thrown feel truly personal — everything from the food, to the music, to the theme (if there is one) feels true to us, while comfortably fitting our friends and loved ones, too. Here’s how to throw a successful and memorable summer bash:

IMG_8611Pay Attention to the Little Details

You know that old school saying, “The devil is in the details?” We think the best things in life can be found, and hidden, in the little details that rarely go unappreciated. Instead of simply stocking your home bar, why not create a party-friendly punch loaded with summer fruit (most can be made booze-free if you'd like to give your guests the option of spiking it themselves)? Setting out pitchers of cold water? Lace one with slices of cucumber and mint, another with fresh slices of citrus. Instead of throwing on your go-to Pandora station, try curating a playlist with your (and your friends’!) favorite tunes. They’ll appreciate the effort and, after a few glasses of your delicious punch, can be counted on to start the dance party.

IMG_8614Make it Comfortable

Parties have an energy all their own, but whether you’re throwing a rager or a mellow afternoon hang, no one wants to be standing the whole time. Make sure you have enough places to sit, and areas that can easily be transformed for lounging. Big, colorful cushions are great for this, as are park blankets, beach towels, and easily washable fabrics and throws. In addition to giving your guests space to relax, this indoor-outdoor friendly setup can help transform your space into a bohemian, bedouin-like atmosphere.


Make it Beautiful

Speaking of… a few decorative touches can go a long way to making your party one to remember. String twinkling lights inside and out and set out candles for when the sun goes down. Picking up snacks or food supplies? Grab a couple of bouquets of flowers to set on the bar, a table, or even in the kitchen. We know that in the frenzy of party planning, sometimes, just cleaning our apartment feels like a big enough challenge. Adding decorative goals will not only lend purpose to your cleaning, it’s way more fun than reminding yourself to vacuum before your guests arrive.

Don’t Be Afraid to Let Things Get a Little Wild

No matter what you do, never forget that this is a party we’re talking about. Don’t get too wrapped up in the planning to have yourself a good old time! And, don’t be afraid to let things go in a different direction than you’d originally imagined. Find yourself judging an impromptu cocktail creating contest? Start handing out scorecards. Low on drinks? Run to the corner store for some bottles of cheap, cold bubbly, and pop the corks ceremoniously when you return. Stumble in on a game of strip poker? Join in! We’re kind of kidding, but you get the gist — as long as you’re having a blast, it’s a pretty safe assumption that the party you’ve thrown is a fantastic one.

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Cool Blues for Summer

We’ve got a classic tune running through our heads these days.

“Blue jean baby...”

Maybe it’s those steadily stretching summer nights (or the Elton John we’ve got on repeat), but we can’t get enough of that classic, kind of hazy, all-American shade of denim blue. As such, we’re relishing the opportunity to bust out our favorite cutoffs, throwing on lightweight denim jackets for evenings on the beach, or even rocking a pair of overalls.

summerdenim1Naturally, we want our lingerie to get in the spirit, too. And as soon as we started thinking of denim blue as a distinct shade rather than just a fabric, we found all kinds of favorites in the True&Co. collection that would add all kinds of heat to those overalls, cutoffs, and jean jackets alike. Here’s how we love pairing some of our favorite denim with bras to match… and maybe nothing else at all.

Take the Natori Feathers bra in slate blue. This sweet, plunging neckline fits comfortably under your summer tees and tanks with deep v-necks… and looks even better with just a jean jacket thrown over, buttoned just enough to allow the lovely lace neckline to show.

IMG_8519Looking for a slightly scandalous, seriously sultry look for hot summer nights? The Bardot bra by Josie looks stunning in blue, particularly under those short overalls. The bib just covers the Bardot’s sheer cups, while still daringly showing off the butterfly lace details on the back and side. The Bardot Panty makes it the perfect hot summer set.

Go for an even more vintage look by rocking a pair of high-waisted cut-off shorts with the Abingdon longline bra in cobalt blue from our Bezier line. The sweetheart neckline and longer silhouette evokes a ‘60s-style bathing suit top — top it with a lightweight white button-down, worn open or knotted at your midriff.

Sing it with us now: “Hold me closer tiny dancer…”

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Negotiating Like A Boss

IMG_8326We talk a lot about empowerment at True&Co. After all, our mission is to build better products for women — beautiful pieces that celebrate individual beauty, rather than one prescribed "type."

Starting with what's underneath (your clothes, that is) is a great first step. But we try to take this message of confidence-driven empowerment beyond our outfits and into our daily lives, too. As often as not, that means the workplace. We have an amazing team of forward-thinking men and women at True & Co., including our fearless leader, CEO & Co-Founder Michelle Lam. Michelle recently kicked off a regular series in Fast Company focusing on her experiences as a badass female leader, and ways that all women can and should empower themselves on the regular (yeah, we sometimes still call it girl power, too!).

Her first piece focuses on one of the trickiest areas to navigate at work — negotiations. Whether you're seeking a promotion, raise, or a large amount of funding for a new company, Michelle hones in on the way we negotiate as women, and how to do so while remaining true to yourself (and making friends in the process).

Check out the full article here.

Stay tuned for more from Michelle in Fast Co., and tell us on Twitter: what career-related questions or concerns do you have?

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Swim Style Inspiration

This summer, we’re starting a revolution. Instead of meeting the onset of bathing suit season with internal dread and panic that we should have stuck to that spin class all winter long, we’re embracing the opportunity to show some skin and flaunt our sexy selves in the sun.

Maybe revolution is a strong word. But really, what we want to do (and what we hope you’ll think about, too!) is approaching our bathing suits the way we’ve spent the past few years thinking about bras. Different silhouettes suit different shapes and sizes. Don’t be driven by trends when classic shapes and styles feel the most comfortable. And most of all, we only want to wear what makes us feel beautiful, and confident, for all of the beach days we have in our future.

3083Where to start? Here are some tips we’ve thought on based on our bra experiences, further inspired by our love of classic bathing suit styles from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and beyond. As a bonus, we’ve included a couple of our favorite bras that we think do nicely as bikini tops, too. Why not show off fit and style when the occasion calls for it?

We are so over the go-to classifications for a woman’s body — pear-shaped, apple-bottomed, boyish, what have you. What we do think is important is that your body shape can help determine the type of suit that fits and feels best — and helps you show off your favorite curves.

3109If you have smaller breasts, triangle tops and curve-accentuating details are a great move. String bikinis are definitely fair game, as are bold patterns and necklines. Think on the tiny string bikinis of the late ‘60s and ‘70s — those, with modern patterns and playful details like ruffles, will look beyond fab on you.

If you have larger breasts, think about support and comfort along with style. Bathing suit tops with wire, adjustable straps, and bra-sizing conventions are bound to give your girls the love you need. Here, we draw inspiration from the ‘50s and early ‘60s — those bikinis were all about the curves, smoothed and supported accordingly. We’d also point to supermodel styles of the ‘90s — those babes could often be seen in bra-like bathing suits with underwire and adjustable straps.

Similar rules apply to the bottom. If you’re smaller, look for details that accentuate; if you’ve got curves to spare, ruching and vintage cuts look fabulous.

3361Speaking of which… who says you can’t double your too-cute-to-hide bra as a bathing suit top? Check out our sunshine-ready bra collection, as ready for a frolic in the ocean as you are.* Try the Natori Feathers T-Back in bold royal blue or playful guava pink — the lace back and gold clasps are a perfect example of that ‘90s supermodel glam (and will look fabulous with both solid and printed bottoms). Or, go straight up Bridgette Bardot with the Dessous Long Line from Claudette — the tres-’60s silhouette and peek-a-boo polka dot detailing make for a totally nouveau-sexy beach day look.

And then, of course, there’s our Uniform Bralette. Sweet, simple lines and a classic triangle shape has this bra begging to moonlight as a bikini – the pad-free style and stitching details make for a chic swim style that screams Francoise Hardy.

*If you are beach-bound, be sure to give these bras a good rinse in fresh water after swimming to prevent your metal clasps and details from saltwater corrosion.


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Get Travel Ready

We don’t know about you, but as soon as June arrives, we’ve got one thing on the mind: adventure. Maybe it’s all those years of school-approved summer vacation, but June sparks our wanderlust almost instantly, inspiring us to plan a voyage to a faraway locale… or at least a fabulous weekend getaway.

And that’s the thing about travel. Once you take the plunge and see how easy (and freeing!) it can be to take in a change of scenery, and a change of pace, the world suddenly feels accessible. It is your oyster, and is filled with luminous pearls for you to discover.

So, where are you going this summer, beautiful? Perhaps you’re craving the art and culture and energy of Berlin, or the ancient wonders of Istanbul. Maybe you envision trekking through Andes, or finding yourself a beach-side paradise in Bali. Maybe a few choice weekends in the Hamptons or on the Mendocino coast are just what the doctor ordered.

travel3Regardless, there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about: packing the right lingerie. If summer is all about freedom, than some of it is freedom from wearing a bra you don’t love, or isn’t the right fit for you.

But, assuming you’re not going au natural all summer long (and props if you are!), here are some of our travel essentials that we’re already mentally packing for a summer adventure.

For active style, we’re obsessed with all of NikiBiki’s crazy comfortable, breathable tanks and bralettes. In addition to being sleek and flattering thanks to the special shaping spandex (no muffin tops!), these layering pieces are super versatile — perfect for a long flight or throwing on for a long day of exploring your chosen destination. Try the Long Cami, available in all your everyday essential shades, and the subtly sexy, comfy Criss-Cross Strap Bra Top.

travel2Whether you’re heading to the beach or for a Parisian rendez-vous, those summer dresses of yours are getting some use. We prepare for ours with our Mesh T-Back racerback bra and our top-rated Multi-Way strapless — both are flattering and comfortable enough to wear all day long, and late into the night.

Of course, we’d encourage you to make time to relax on your getaway… it is a summer vacation, after all. What better way to do so than in our classy, cute, and completely comfy Bryant bralette? Whether you’re lounging in a hotel room, taking in a beachside sunset, or throwing on a breezy tank for an evening cocktail, the lace details and vintage line will perfectly serve your vacation style.


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Summer Wardrobe Solutions

Summer’s coming, sweet thing — and you know what that means. Minis, midriffs, and bright, crisp whites galore. Otherwise known as a constant wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.

It’s kind of counterintuitive that your summer wardrobe, which is so much more free and light than winter’s layers, has so much more room for error. Factor in wedding season and the inevitable strapless/halter/off-shoulder dress you’re bound to end up in and you can practically feel the nip slip about to happen (we’re all about freeing the nipple, but maybe not in the middle of your college BFF’s vows).

Don’t fret, beautiful — your summer style needn’t suffer in the face of a bad bra choice. Here are some of our tried and true tips for surefire summer success… when you’re not going braless and bohemian, of course.
wardrobeNude lingerie is a must. We don’t subscribe to the “no white after Labor Day” rule, but it is undeniable that your white jeans, shorts, and dresses look absolutely stunning with a summer tan. You may think that you can get away with pale pinks and blues under those babies, but we’re here to (lovingly) tell you that no honey, you can’t. Now is the time for your nude lingerie to get a workout. Even better, nude doesn’t have to be boring, particularly when it’s all lovely lace and thoughtful details. We love the Gramercy bra from our Bezier line in nude — the balconette silhouette feels even more classic Hollywood style in this subtle nude shade. Take it up to an even sexier notch with the best-selling Bardot bra in nude — you’ll rethink your dedication to black after you bust this baby out after a couple of good beach days. Pair them both with a nude thong or hipster panty and consider your summer white wardrobe set.

Get a strapless bra that actually fits. We know, girl. You hate wearing a strapless bra. We hate wearing a strapless bra. At least, we did, until we found one that actually fit us, created a flattering line, and didn’t constantly feel like it was in danger of slipping down our rib cage (while simultaneously feeling too tight). A strapless bra is going to be necessary at some point this summer, whether it’s for a formal gown (we’re looking at you, brides and bridesmaids), or for that totally rad ‘70s style halter top you picked up for steamy summer nights. A good strapless bra is worth searching for, as is not settling until you find the right one. You won’t know for sure until you try (and try, try again), but we’d like to recommend taking our Uniform strapless for a spin — smooth lines and a proper fit were a priority when we designed this, and it just so happens that this baby was voted the #1 Strapless Bra by Rank & Style and featured on Refinery 29's “Best Strapless Bra, According To The Internet” (brushes shoulders off).

4.1.15CAPTURE2954Get to know and love the T-Strap bra. Here’s an embarrassing confession: for years, we’d throw on a racerback bra under a top that required a t-strap, only realizing that our straps were exposed when we were way too far from home to turn around and change. Don’t make our mistake. Some tops do great with a classic racerback; others, with skimpier cuts and more shoulder exposure, call for a t-strap. In addition to having similar comfort and support to the racerback, the t seamlessly disappears under clothes, without a hint of pesky strap peeking out. Try out our brand-new Mesh T-Back from our Uniform line — the sleek, sporty lines are wonderfully appropriate for summer days and nights, while providing both shape and support.

Don’t be afraid to show off your lingerie. There’s a time and a place for totally hidden underthings — weddings and work being two immediate examples. But summer is absolutely the time to let your gorgeous lingerie show, with sheer tops, plunging necklines, and low-to-no back beauties that look even better with a sexy pop of lace or color. That being said, if you’re going to show off your bra, make it clear that it’s intentional. Our favorite way to do this is with bold colors, like the fabulous Feathers bra in ultra violet, or our comfortable and classy Bryant bralette in cobalt blue. Or, let the too-pretty-to-hide details do the talking for you, like the stunning butterfly lace spanning the back of our Delano racerback.