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Summer Wardrobe Solutions

Summer’s coming, sweet thing — and you know what that means. Minis, midriffs, and bright, crisp whites galore. Otherwise known as a constant wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.

It’s kind of counterintuitive that your summer wardrobe, which is so much more free and light than winter’s layers, has so much more room for error. Factor in wedding season and the inevitable strapless/halter/off-shoulder dress you’re bound to end up in and you can practically feel the nip slip about to happen (we’re all about freeing the nipple, but maybe not in the middle of your college BFF’s vows).

Don’t fret, beautiful — your summer style needn’t suffer in the face of a bad bra choice. Here are some of our tried and true tips for surefire summer success… when you’re not going braless and bohemian, of course.
wardrobeNude lingerie is a must. We don’t subscribe to the “no white after Labor Day” rule, but it is undeniable that your white jeans, shorts, and dresses look absolutely stunning with a summer tan. You may think that you can get away with pale pinks and blues under those babies, but we’re here to (lovingly) tell you that no honey, you can’t. Now is the time for your nude lingerie to get a workout. Even better, nude doesn’t have to be boring, particularly when it’s all lovely lace and thoughtful details. We love the Gramercy bra from our Bezier line in nude — the balconette silhouette feels even more classic Hollywood style in this subtle nude shade. Take it up to an even sexier notch with the best-selling Bardot bra in nude — you’ll rethink your dedication to black after you bust this baby out after a couple of good beach days. Pair them both with a nude thong or hipster panty and consider your summer white wardrobe set.

Get a strapless bra that actually fits. We know, girl. You hate wearing a strapless bra. We hate wearing a strapless bra. At least, we did, until we found one that actually fit us, created a flattering line, and didn’t constantly feel like it was in danger of slipping down our rib cage (while simultaneously feeling too tight). A strapless bra is going to be necessary at some point this summer, whether it’s for a formal gown (we’re looking at you, brides and bridesmaids), or for that totally rad ‘70s style halter top you picked up for steamy summer nights. A good strapless bra is worth searching for, as is not settling until you find the right one. You won’t know for sure until you try (and try, try again), but we’d like to recommend taking our Uniform strapless for a spin — smooth lines and a proper fit were a priority when we designed this, and it just so happens that this baby was voted the #1 Strapless Bra by Rank & Style and featured on Refinery 29's “Best Strapless Bra, According To The Internet” (brushes shoulders off).

4.1.15CAPTURE2954Get to know and love the T-Strap bra. Here’s an embarrassing confession: for years, we’d throw on a racerback bra under a top that required a t-strap, only realizing that our straps were exposed when we were way too far from home to turn around and change. Don’t make our mistake. Some tops do great with a classic racerback; others, with skimpier cuts and more shoulder exposure, call for a t-strap. In addition to having similar comfort and support to the racerback, the t seamlessly disappears under clothes, without a hint of pesky strap peeking out. Try out our brand-new Mesh T-Back from our Uniform line — the sleek, sporty lines are wonderfully appropriate for summer days and nights, while providing both shape and support.

Don’t be afraid to show off your lingerie. There’s a time and a place for totally hidden underthings — weddings and work being two immediate examples. But summer is absolutely the time to let your gorgeous lingerie show, with sheer tops, plunging necklines, and low-to-no back beauties that look even better with a sexy pop of lace or color. That being said, if you’re going to show off your bra, make it clear that it’s intentional. Our favorite way to do this is with bold colors, like the fabulous Feathers bra in ultra violet, or our comfortable and classy Bryant bralette in cobalt blue. Or, let the too-pretty-to-hide details do the talking for you, like the stunning butterfly lace spanning the back of our Delano racerback.

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The Best Racerbacks Ever

We’ve shared some of our go-to racerback bras with you, thought on the best ways to let your gorgeous shoulders shine, and brainstormed summer styles for showing off bras too pretty to fully cover up.

So it was only a matter of time before we went and made our own. We’re thrilled to announce the release of Delano, our lacy-backed racerback from our Bézier line, and the Mesh T-back from Uniform, our line of everyday essentials.

Both of these beautiful racerback bras have memory foam cups, allowing them to truly mold to your unique shape. This is a whole new world of smooth-lined support — you will never want to take these babies off. They nicely walk the line between functional (lift, support, and smoothness) and flattering (all beautiful, bodacious you).


IMG_5771Delano is tricked out with gold tone hooks and strap adjusters and a butterfly lace racerback — this is exactly the kind of bra you want peeking out of oversized tanks, sheer, strappy shirts, and light-as-air summer dresses. This is a great way to fancy-up a simple cotton racerback, getting you ready for a hot summer nights out.


IMG_5767 copyOur Mesh T-Back goes for the sweetly subtle approach with a thin t-back, allowing it to really disappear under your tops. This will be your go-to for trickier silhouettes when you want to keep your lingerie all to yourself — the sporty, mesh back is wonderfully breathable for steamy summer days, and seamlessly moves and fits with you and your body.

An everyday classic and a gorgeous lace number comfortable enough to wear everyday? We’re not one to pick favorites, but these may be the best bras we’ve made yet. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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Reinvent Your Lingerie Drawer

You might be the most “together” lady in the world, but there’s one area that all women have allowed to get out of hand: the lingerie drawer. Blame your tiny apartment, your burgeoning bra collection, or your lack of time — it’s happened to all of us. You know, that moment when you open your bra drawer only to be confronted with a tangled snarl of hooks, straps, and cups.

Don’t panic. Your lingerie drawer can be organized in a way that will allow it to stay organized for longer than five minutes. How? Simple. Think of your bras as more than “just lingerie” — they’re a wardrobe unto themselves, with different purposes, styles, and colors, all of which can aid you in your organization process. Plus, getting organized gives you a great excuse to get even more cute bras (now that you have the perfect nook for them to live in!).

IMG_5666So, how do you create and control your lingerie wardrobe? Here are 5 simple steps for lingerie drawer reinvention:

1. Empty that big mess out. The best way to clean a mess is to make an even bigger one — pull everything out of your lingerie drawer and start sorting (now is also a great time to get rid of those bras that are past their prime, or donate them to a good cause).

2. Separate your bras by style, color, or occasion. Do you think of your bras in terms of their style (t-shirt, racerback, push-up)? Do you pick a bra with color on the mind? Or, are your bras divided into categories like “everyday,” “date night,” “weekend?” Figure out a system that makes sense to you, and organize your bras in piles accordingly.


3. Assess your space. Have enough for drawers that can be dedicated to bras, undies, and loungewear alone? Great! If things are a little more cramped, consider drawer organizers to keep your sections separate. Keep “related” items together, that way you don’t have to throw everything together in the quest for that one bra you just can’t find.

4. “Spoon” your bras. Bras are made for spooning — cute, right? It also makes storing them in a space-efficient way much easier. Fold the bras in half, tuck the straps in, and line the cups together. This will allow you to “flip” through them without taking your drawer apart, and easily put bras away, too.

5. Keep one-off bras separate. Have a bra that you acquired, and only wear, with one specific dress or shirt? Keep it with that item of clothing. In addition to freeing up space in your all-purpose lingerie wardrobe, you’ll always be able to find it when you’re wearing that outfit.


How do you keep your lingerie wardrobe organized? Share with us on Twitter!

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Tried & True: Best Sports Bras Ever

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling like we just can’t escape the constant reminders that “Summer’s coming! Time to get in shape for bikini season!”

Bikini season is cool, but so is, you know, triple cream cheese and wine. Anyway, our decadent tastes aside, we’re all about getting outside, getting active, and letting endorphins do their magic — particularly when the majesty that is late-spring-almost-summer is upon us.

How to get inspired? By stocking up on some super cute workout wear, of course, certain to make you want to take that yoga class you’ve been putting off, check out the new climbing gym in your neighborhood, or even take a quick little jog through the park. Even better, you can still have that wine and cheese party, too (guilt free!).
IMG_5417When it comes to active wear, the right sports bra for you should be your top priority. Nothing turns an invigorating hike into a huge bummer like sore, unsupported breasts, slipping straps, or a sports bra that just doesn’t seem to breath (making under-boob sweat all kinds of inevitable). Of course, when faced with such a challenge — finding the best sports bras out there — we do what True&Co. does best. We tested hundreds (and hundreds!) of these babies, looking for consistently great fit, comfortable construction, support, and of course, cuteness. After all, who wants a drab sports bra? Not us.

IMG_2012The result? Only 1 in 7 made the cut. Take the Extreme Control by Anita — in addition to being wonderfully suited for high-impact activities (a run, boxing, maybe even Zumba!), we love the sleek black and white, or black and turquoise design. Or the Power Yogi by Natori, which features similar features to some of our favorite non-sports bras — flexible underwire, adjustable straps, and options for both racerback and spaghetti straps.

Speaking of adjustable, we love the customizable features found in the Fiona by Moving Comfort, and the Double Layer Custom Control by Glamorise. Both allow you to tighten and loosen the bra’s compression based on your activity of choice — so, you can go for a hardcore run and switch straight to a Pilates, keeping your breasts super supported for the first, and giving the girls a little breathing room for the latter.

But we want to hear from you! Tell us: what makes a sports bra best in your mind? And how are you planning on getting active this spring?

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Celebrating Mom: Gifts She'll Love

We talk a lot about different kinds of beauty here at True&Co. But the common thread that we always come back to centers around confidence — for us, being beautiful is all about being comfortable in your own skin, and letting your own individual spirit shine.

We’d be lying if we claimed we came up with this philosophy all on our own. We were taught this universal truth by a group of the most brilliant, beautiful women in the world: our moms. And in the spirit of Mother’s Day (which is fast approaching!), we want to celebrate all of the moms out there with gifts that make them feel wonderfully, comfortably fabulous.

After all, it was our moms who showed us that you could be just as beautiful lounging around in a playful pair of cotton pajamas as dressed to the nines for an event on the town. Our moms always looked beautiful to us, even when they were blearily making their morning coffee first thing in the morning. And no one inspires us to show our own personal style, and find our own kind of beautiful, more than our moms.

mothersday1-1Is your mom all about clean, classic style? She never seems like she’s trying hard, and always looks wonderful. The very core of our Uniform line centers on that very principle, the idea of beautiful, simple basics that are far beyond basic. We love this 3-pack of comfortable, yet flattering hipster undies, and this 2-pack of our sweet bralette for a mom with classic, clean style. We can see her pairing them all with those jeans she’s had for decades (and still look fantastic!) for a morning run to the farmers market, a catch-up with a friend over a glass of wine, or enjoying brunch with you, her wonderfully thoughtful daughter.

mothersday6Maybe your mom is the queen of artistic whimsy, master of the craft drawer, and organizer of the best movie marathons you’ve ever had the good fortune to be a part of. She can wear a pair of cotton pajamas like they’re an evening gown, particularly when the two of you are lip-synching to Aretha with hairbrushes in hand. She’ll love our classic cotton PJ set, available in grey and navy. Or, if she’s into quirk, this Keeping Cozy set from Kensie will make her day (and you know she’ll love it if you get yourself a matching pair, too).

mothersday11Or perhaps your mom is the epitome of glamour, a woman who dresses to perfection for breakfast every morning. She’s right up there with Grace, Audrey, and Katherine — timeless. She’ll love the classic Bardot bra in a springtime shade, perfect for her upcoming gala schedule, or simply for lounging in her boudoir.

Then again, your mom may be as free-spirited and independent as you are. She’ll want to make her own choices, and very likely has her own ideas about the lingerie and loungewear she’d like best. A gift card to True should do the trick — perhaps with a bouquet of flowers and breakfast and bed, for good measure.

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Honeymoon Redux

blog wedding shopIs it really that time of year again? Days are getting longer, nights are getting warmer, and we all know what that means… wedding season. That’s right — bust out your cocktail wear and start planning your time off, because this one’s going to be as packed as last year.

Don’t give in to the temptation to grumble. This year, we’re advocating a fresh approach to the wedding-every-weekend season — a wedding equals a chance to travel somewhere gorgeous, spend time with friends new and old, and attend some of the best parties, ever. Oh yeah, and see friends and family commit to loving each other for all eternity.

Whether you’re a guest, a member of the wedding party, or (gulp) the bride herself, a weekend of celebrating calls for beautiful lingerie for everyone involved. If the entire point of said wedding weekend is a celebration of love, we suggest you go all out. The first step, of course, is to treat yourself to our top wedding season lingerie picks, certain to make every weekend away feel like your second (or twentieth) honeymoon.

If you’re wearing white:
Reserving white for the bride is so last season, particularly given the proliferation of gorgeous summer frocks in various creamy hues. The Gramercy Balconette Bra in nude from our Bézier line is just the right accompaniment to your summer whites (brides too!) – the smooth, balconette shape provides top support for all manner of necklines, and the gorgeous, foliage-inspired lace will add the right amount of romance for times when your dress is off.

If you’re going strapless (or halter, or racerback):
We love an interesting neckline, and there’s no time like summer to show off your yoga shoulders, Pilates back, or Crossfit midriff. Or, your beautiful, natural self — no exercise needed. In brief, you need a bra that can suit every type of dress, so you can let your summer style shine. The Multi-way Strapless Bra from our Uniform line accomplishes exactly that — the adjustable straps fit five different silhouettes, allowing you to mix and match your wedding wardrobe.

If you’re feeling a little frisky:
You know the Wedding Crashers theory — there’s no time like a wedding to get in the mood for love… literally. Whether you’re bringing a date or flying solo, there’s no rule that the honeymoon is reserved for the newlyweds. Get in the spirit of your own summer loving-inspired romp with the Strapping Lace Set from bad girl lingerie savant Trove. Red and black detailing plus a strappy garter skirt equals are kind of summer heat… don’t forget to bring a set of thigh highs to match.

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Behind The Scenes: Palm Springs

We love anything that allows us to dig into our creative sides here at True&Co., from designing beautiful, innovative lingerie to coming up with the themes for our weekly emails. Every part of our thought process allows us to share a little something different about our brand — the intelligence of the designs, our commitment to women of all shapes and sizes, even our silly, playful selves.

Our photoshoots, showcasing our latest products, provide a similar outlet for creativity, but with a whole new world of possibility. We think of these captures as windows into our creative process; views that we want to share with our wonderful customers, and the world at large.

That means that every decision really counts — the location, the look, the time of day, and the vibe. Our most recent photoshoot took place in Palm Springs, near the dramatic beauty of Joshua Tree National Park. Our Creative Director Nikki Dekker shared her thoughts on this original inspiration:

“I wanted this campaign to really reflect the attitude of the True&Co. muse — specifically, a feeling of her radiant, free spirit. The goal was to convey a sense of joy, a strong, original personality; a boundary breaker.”

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

The location, Rock Reach House in Palm Springs, was a major contributing factor to this sensibility. It’s location in True&Co.’s home state was a win, too… not to mention avoiding the East Coast’s polar vortex.

“I really wanted to incorporate themes of blurred boundaries — bringing the outdoors in and vice versa,” says Nikki of Rock Reach. “I loved the house for both its proximity to Joshua Tree national park as well as for the simplicity of its architecture. The sun, rocks and vegetation had a very warm, crisp feel, and the mixing of the wild nature with the clean, almost industrial, lines of the house felt nostalgic of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I always like a little sci-fi adventure!”

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset
As for the photos themselves, Nikki wanted to give the more “traditional” fashion shoot photos a bit of a meta-wink — the hardware supporting the ombre backdrop (with colors representing a desert sunset) is exposed, along with the surrounding environment. Keeping in the theme of contrast, those images are set alongside lifestyle-centric photos, true behind-the-scenes photos of our lovely models during downtime.

bts-12Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

“We wanted to show that, while our models are beautiful, they're also real women wearing the product and feeling like themselves. These are often in and around the house,” Nikki says, explaining that the theme of contrasts prevailed: “Here, we would bring the outdoors in via reflections, or views of the landscape through the windows and doors.”

Of course, as with anything nature-dependent, there were some factors that were out of our control. Specifically — some pretty serious wind going on during our shoot. Still, that ended up working in our favor, too.

“It wasn’t exactly planned for, but the wind added a feeling of spontaneity and movement to the photos! Overall, it really contributed to our inspiration of a strong, natural spirit.”

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Introducing: Bézier in Cobalt

rewardstyle bezier cobaltWe draw inspiration from every aspect of life. The way the air feels different as the seasons change; the sweet, subtle transition from spring’s delicate softness to more insistent heat of summer. Everything feels bolder — colors seem to shine more brightly, from the playful tones of your summer wardrobe to the vibrant hue of the summer sky.

Summer’s the time to show a little more skin, too, and let your sexy confidence shine. And we want you to have a bra to do justice to the season.

Meet Cobalt, the newest iteration of our Bézier line. You’ll find the same, intricate, detail-centric lace, and the same vintage silhouettes that you loved in black and nude shades. But now, Bézier has been reborn with summer on the mind, making use of athletic-inspired mesh, the gorgeous shade of vintage cobalt glass, and that unforgettable feeling of the deep, pure blue summer sky.

Vintage and modern, classic and bold? Sounds like our kind of bra pairing. We love this cobalt bra with an oversized racerback tank, with blue lace peeking out the sides — it looks as good with a pair of cut-off shorts as with that mini skirt you’ve been dying to break out for a summer night on the town. We also like wearing this shade as an alternative to a basic black bra — think of cobalt as the dark wash denim alternate to your black skinny jeans.

However you wear it — with a breezy summer tee, or a beach-party ready dress, we encourage you to let that brilliant shade of blue show. It was inspired by the boldness of the coming season, and however you wear it, we know that it will look gorgeous on you.

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Breaking Up With Perfect: #WomenOfTrue

women of true

We broke up with perfect last month at True&Co., and dug deep to sort out our feelings about the term, concept, and implications of perfection. Then, we took it a step further. We asked more amazing women how they felt about our break-up, and were so inspired by their thoughts, that we decided to share them with you. Below, some words of wisdom on why release from perfection is one of the most beautiful things out there:

“Acceptance is the liberation from perfectionism. It's all a spectrum: I still want to look good and be good, but I want to balance that ambition with accepting myself as I am. We all have our own definition of perfect, driven by our experiences, insecurities and wants. That's why breaking up with perfect can feel so hard, because it's so deeply personal. You have to let go… and accept a part of yourself to break up with perfect. And that's scary! Perfect is an attempt to hide from vulnerability, but vulnerability is a much better, freer thing.”

“I like the idea of breaking up with perfect — it reminds me of an exercise I'd take my 13-14 year old campers through. I’d have them all ‘tear up their cool card,’ so they could just be themselves. I think that you can break up with perfect once you've formed a good enough sense of self that you appreciate and flaunt what makes you unique. And I think now, when forming new friendships and starting new relationships, you realize that it's these qualities that make people gravitate toward you versus some ideal of perfection. I remember I used to feel self-conscious about my nose being too big - then last year I said f*@& it, I want a nose ring : ) So I got one!”
women of true-1We also loved hearing redefinitions of perfect — and ways that it can be a truly positive, inclusive term.

“When I think of the word perfect, I think of naïve optimism. There is really no such thing as ‘perfect,’ so when we describe something as such, we are simply trying to emphasize our appreciation of it rather than admitting its flaws.”

“I don’t like to think of perfect as meaning flaw-free: I prefer to re-concept it as perfect-for-you. I think the “traditional” idea of perfection these days — think celebrities and Hollywood -- is very strict. But when you tie it with ideas of perfect memories, or perfect feelings or personal things, it becomes different, and special.”

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Spring Giving: Donate Your Bra

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

We firmly believe in the transformative power of a gorgeous, well-fitting bra — the right bra can make you feel like your best, beautiful self. Much of this has to do with finding that great fit, taking good care of your bras, and knowing when to replace your best-loved bras with new ones.

But we think that it is equally essential to find new lives for these old bras. Bras are, truly, a necessity for almost all women, and are the most needed garment at shelters and donation centers.

That’s right: you can donate your bra. And based on the amount of need for this must-have item, we believe that you should.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetBra donation isn’t quite as quick and simple as throwing your neglected clothing items in a bag and dropping them off at your local donation center. Nor should it be — bras are intimate apparel, and require an additional level of care and attention to ensure that the next woman who wears yours gets the most out of it.

That’s why we like to leave this task to the professionals. The Bra Recyclers are a textile recycling company that takes your gently worn bras (all the more reason to give your lingerie wardrobe an annual refresh!) and gives them new life. They help provide women at shelters and transitional centers around the country with bras that actually fit.

And they make it easy to donate, too. Print out a mailing label and send your freshly washed bras to their mailing address in Gilbert, Arizona (or drop it off if you’re local!). That’s all it takes. Another woman can benefit from your favorite bras, and you now have room in your lingerie drawer for this year’s lingerie essentials.

Find out more and donate your bras here.