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All About Citrine


Hey there, Citrine! You bodacious babe, you. You are, officially, the most popular shade on the TrueSpectrum – 28% of women are shaped like you. And while we love all our TrueSpectrum shapes equally, there’s something about your sunny, Citrine demeanor that makes us smile.

What makes a Citrine lady? Your breasts are round and full, and sit centered on your chest. Maybe you’ve had a little work done, or maybe you’re naturally perky. We love your look either way — your full shape means that we like to keep support in mind, while picking bras that are as fun as they are functional.

Speaking of fun, the Abingdon longline bra from our Bézier line is just that — sultry lace, a gorgeous, slimming silhouette, and all the support you need to get that perfect amount of cleavage. Can you say va-va-voom?


Or, try the Verdi plunge bra on for size. This lace plunge bra shows off your shape while dipping down low enough for deep v-neck tees and sweaters. Like all of our Bezier bras, this is the softest lace around — perfect for a texture-free line and a gorgeous look. We’re loving the Verdi in this classic black, but you can’t go wrong with a sassy shade of red, too.

But a Citrine cannot live in lace alone (or maybe you can! We’re all for it). Full breasts mean that you need extra support for your workout purposes — a.k.a. the best sports bra, ever. We love Cory Vines’ Path sports bra, a reversible racerback that’s a fabulous shade of hot pink. A sports bra that’s cute enough to inspire us to workout? We call that a win-win.

Want to find your color on the TrueSpectrum? Take our Fit Quiz here!

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Style of Sexy Spotlight: Mrs. Smith

Mrs SmithYou're the woman who brims with confidence and never takes no for an answer. You have a steady rotation of minimal yet distinct little black dresses and a killer stare that could make anyone buckle at the knees. In essence, you're the head boss in charge.

Sexy is intrinsic to you. It flows through your veins and empowers you. This enviable confidence lends a unique audacity manifesting in your style choices as well.

On behalf of all the unapologetically sexy women out there who got Mrs. Smith on our Style of Sexy quiz, True&Co. would like to make Valentine's Day just a little more bearable for you. Ditch the girly pinks and stuffed bears for something more sophisticated and markedly adult. We've got a sleek little V-day number that stays true to your bad girl roots while appealing to your more romantic side.

mrs smith 3

It's simple, really. Think elevated elegance coupled with subtle yet sexy details. Keep the rhinestones, glitter, and all other accoutrements skewing toward "flashy" at home. The idea is that your confidence speaks for itself--you don't need conspicuous accent pieces to prove how daring you really are. Opt for subdued details like high quality lace or statement silhouettes to keep things interesting. Black is a given but feel free to experiment with shades that make you feel most elegant and sexy--rich champagnes, scarlets, and taupes come to mind for us here at True&Co. Translate all of this sex appeal into your lingerie and you have the Gramercy balconette bra and the Sutton panty from our exclusive Bézier line. Both lace adorned pieces are undeniably beautiful without trying too hard, which is basically Mrs. Smith's M.O.mrs smith 2mrs smith 1

Your ensemble tells only half the story for V-day. The rest is attitude. Mrs. Smith is a genuine BAMF, in the truest sense of the acronym. She's got a knowing ferocity that is both powerful and quiet. We curated a playlist of rock'n roll croons and straight up sexy tunes that are sure to conjure up this same sense of sultry empowerment that Mrs. Smith wears so well.

Go on, get sexy.
Mrs. Smith Playlist

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Win $2,500 for the Valentine's Day You Deserve!


It's that time again. January is nearing the end of its rope, candy hearts are quickly populating the shelves prefacing grocery store checkouts, and the V-word is being tossed about as often as you might overhear "coconut oil" or "tinder." Regardless of how personal experience (or lack thereof) has colored your impression of Valentine's Day, there is an undeniable appeal to February 14th. Erase obsolete Valentine's Day associations like the hovering cherubs and candy grams (just kidding, "You go Glen Coco!"). What's really inviting about Valentine's Day is how modern women are defining and redefining the love holiday as they see fit. For some, it means spending they day cherishing long-time life partners even more than they usually do. For others, it means pushing personal boundaries, trying something new and indulging in an adventurous fling. And for a happy chunk of the population, V-day isn't Valentine's Day at all--it's Gal-entine's day, a day spent with best friends, burritos, wine, and a whole 'lotta Netflix.

At True&Co., we define it as a day of pure, unadulterated love. And the lucky recipient of our raw affection? None other than Y-O-U.

We paired up with Refinery29 and Rebecca Taylor to treat you to the Valentine's Day you deserve with a $2,000 shopping spree from Rebecca Taylor, $250 worth of treasured beauty products, and $250 worth of luxury lingerie from yours truly.

TruCo_editorial_socialHead on over to Refinery29 for 5 ridiculously attractive and spot on outfits for an unforgettable V-day ensemble and enter to win the $2,500 value prize here.

Loving others is wonderful but to us, loving you is paramount. Every woman should have a chance at the Valentine's Day she deserves. Best of luck!

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The Valentine's Day Shop

sealed with a tieWe’ve got some feelings about Valentine’s Day, many of which we shared last week. A lot of those have to do with embracing your own personal brand of sexy, a mentality that we think makes Valentine’s Day all about you, in the best of ways.

With that in mind, we’d like to direct your attention to our super fabulous Valentine’s Day shop, filled with delightful and delicious lingerie sure to satisfy your sexy style… and make you feel just a little more special come February.

Maybe you’re in a romantic mood, all flowers and lace and the wonderful sentiments that go along with it. Or perhaps you’re feeling a bit bad, with images of blindfolds and bondage-inspired bustiers. Whatever your inclinations, we suggest sharing the shop as a pointed Valentine’s Day gift hint, or better yet, treating yourself to something hot and new.

Clearly, we’re all about you picking your V-Day pleasure. But we wanted to share a few favorites that we’ve been eyeing with our own lingerie drawers in mind, Valentine’s Day-related or not.


We don’t want to pick favorites, but the Abingdon Longline Bra from our lace collection has been our obsession of late. This slimming, perfectly sculpted lace number gives the suggestion of a corset, with none of the binding discomfort. The longer line, lace detailing, and suggestive cup shape screams romance to us… while remaining modern, sophisticated, and sexy.

There’s no denying the appeal of black lace, but we’ve been all about the subtle sexiness of nude lingerie, too. The Bryant bralette, edged in lace, has a sultry vintage feel to it, and shows of your gorgeous shape to the fullest. It’s beyond comfortable, too, for those of us who feel the sexiest when we’re the most comfortable.

Bryant Bralette

Of course, if there’s ever a time to go all-out with lingerie daring and sexy sets, it’s Valentine’s Day. The Sealed with a Tie bra and panty set from Trove screams sex appeal, with a soft, romantic edge. Soft black mesh forms a bow on this balconette bra that just begs to be untied… a welcome invitation for a romantic night in.

What’s on your Valentine’s Day Wish List? Tell us on Twitter or tag us on Instagram!

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Style of Sexy Spotlight: Rachel

Rachel-Green copy

Anyone with a Netflix password and an affinity for binge watching television can tell you that Friends has made a sudden and long overdue resurgence into America's collective consciousness. Though it can be argued that the Manhattan gang never truly left our memories, what with impromptu street side renditions of "Smelly Cat" and the occasional and utterly shameless "How you doin'?" pick-up at your local bar. But sometimes you just want to pay homage to Friends more frequently than on an impromptu and occasional basis (read: on a daily basis).

Enter, style. You can don that classic, casual 90's style like it's your job. We're talking high waisted circle skirts, stone wash overalls, festive vests for no reason, preppy chic tops, and a sick set of butterfly clips. Naturally the woman who embodies this nostalgic and effortlessly chic style is none other than style goddess Rachel Green. If you got Rachel on our Style of Sexy Quiz, here's an easy, breezy 90's outfit inspired by the amiable muse herself ("The Rachel" haircut not included).

rachel 1

Begin with a classic foundation. Classic cotton panties get a feminine makeover with lace edges and a gorgeous rose tint of Scallop Shell with our Essential Cotton Panties. And on the top deck, nothing is more casual than a Convertible Wirefree bra with a classic silver and cream chevron print. Finish off the ensemble with a pretty-in-prep sleeveless top featuring a classy shade of cerulean and a high waisted stone colored circle skirt. Then sashay to your nearest beauty salon, ask for the Jennifer Aniston special, and you're good to go.

rachel 3

rachel 2

It's important to remember that "classic & casual" isn't just a winning style combo, it's an attitude. Here's a Rachel/90's/Friends inspired playlist with enough attitude to fuel another decade of sitcom magic.

Rachel Playlist


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Style of Sexy Spotlight: Carrie

Carrie-carrie-bradshaw-12928181-1600-1200You've never been one to follow trends. You're too busy setting them. Whenever you're out flaunting your latest finds, you're bombarded with questions like "Where did you get that?!" You're just like Carrie in that way--a bonafide fashionista whose boldness is only matched by her beautiful spirit. Bright colors and statement pieces are your main squeeze when you're traipsing about the city en route to brunch with your closest girlfriends. Your lively style doesn't just touch the surface, it goes way deeper than that--right down to your skivvies. For all the chic ladies out there who got Carrie for our Style of Sexy Quiz, here are some outfit and lingerie picks that are sure to turn heads in true Bradshaw fashion.

carrie 1First step, color. Carrie is fearless in the face of bold brights. A simply tailored blazer with an intriguing fabric or electric color is a no brainer. Drape it over a dress with a feminine silhouette, eye-catching print and relatively long hemline--our favorite city girl doesn't need to reveal much to command all the attention in the room. Second step, Manolo Blahniks. Buy them, wear them, love them. Third and final step, have fun with your lingerie. Think of your bra & panty combo as the foundation for your entire ensemble. A weak, unconfident foundation begets a bad outfit, and sometimes even a bad day altogether! But a fierce and flirty foundation--that's the stuff we live for. It can only be likened to those days you look in the mirror and everything about you--your hair, makeup, outfit, and attitude--is on point. And then you disrobe and you still look fabulous baring it all. Days like these happen at a disproportionately higher rate with a sassy contrast crochet pushup like Across the Universe and laurel lace panties like the Union Hipster in tow.

carrie 3

carrie 2But being Carrie isn't all about what you wear. It encompasses a state of mind that is both brave and free. Here's a playlist of what we can only imagine Carrie Bradshaw listens to while living uninhibitedly between dates with Mr. Big on the Lower East Side and meeting column submission deadlines for The New York Star.

Carrie Playlist


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What's Your Style of Sexy?

Vday15_landingpage_FinalTake a deep breath, lovelies — we’re exactly a month away.

You know what we’re talking about. Love it or hate it, the big V is coming… Valentine’s Day. Maybe you go all out, all month long – pinks and reds and chocolates and flowers. Maybe you go on strike in sweatpants with a bottle of something brown.

We’ve had something of a love-hate relationship with this Day of Love… and then we had a realization. Who cares if Valentine’s Day is painted to be all about romantic relationships? Who cares if it was fabricated by a greeting card company, or not? When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is about love… and, if you’re thinking about it from a True perspective, about any and all kinds of love.

No matter how you’re celebrating this year, we want to take this opportunity to embrace the most important loved one in your life: yourself. That’s right, girl — you are beautiful, brilliant, and all-out fabulous. You are worthy of anyone and everyone’s utter adoration. But most importantly, we want you to show a whole lot of love to yourself.

That also means flaunting your particular breed of sexy. You know those days when you feel like you can take over the world? Those are the days that we think you ladies are sexiest — when you’re so suffused with confidence that it glows out of your every pore.

Rachel-Green copyBut no one thinks of sexy in the exact same way. Even here at True HQ, we find ourselves having spirited conversations about the situations and styles that make us feel sexiest. We were so interested, and delighted, by the variety of suggestions we got that we put together a quiz to help our friends and loved ones nail down exactly what sexy meant to them.

katniss-everdeen-the-hunger-games-mocingjay-part-1Voilà: the True Valentine’s Day Quiz was born. In addition to helping us help you find the lingerie pieces that make you feel like a goddess (all of which can be found in our specially curated Valentine’s Day Shop), we had such a blast coming up with badass pop culture representatives of our “sexy archetypes” that we had been bandying around amongst ourselves.

KhaleesiWere we Rachels, subtly sexy girls-next-door with a little something that was just irresistible? Or maybe we were Katnisses, awesomely athletic powerhouse babes who love wearing yoga pants for all kinds of reasons. Soon, we were filling in all kinds of styles — Khaleesi, for bohemian beauties with an eclectic, and ruler-worthy style all their own; Mrs. Smith, all sexpot sass and attitude; and Carrie, naturally, for the fashionistas of the world who know what’s in and wear it so well.

Mr-And-Mrs-Smith-Screencaps-brangelina-4696498-1400-932The best part about it is that these women, in addition to be gorgeous, were all smart, confident, and appealing in their own ways. And really, why on earth would anyone want just one image of sexiness?

CarrieSo join in on the Valentine’s Day fun! Take the quiz, and see who you align with most. Look out for specific recommendations for our various sexy styles over the next few weeks. And while you’re at it, embrace your own, unique amazingness with a Valentine’s Day gift to the most deserving person you know: yourself.

If you are looking to give another special someone a little hint… send the quiz to your boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. They can take it with you in mind to find a great Valentine’s Day gift!

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Style of Sexy Spotlight: Katniss

KatnissKatniss: the ultimate survivor. She's active, on the move and prioritizes function just as highly as form. Her fierce independence manifests in her sporty, irreverent style that makes her so unquestionably sexy. For all you ladies whose style of sexy quiz result is Katniss, we've hunted down some outfit and lingerie pieces sure to give you that "effortlessly fit" look you rock so well.

katniss 1Stick to lightweight utility jackets, modern geodesic leggings, and dark basics. Packing lightly is a must so multifunctional items are your best bet. Behind the scenes, use the Path Reversible sports bra by Cory Vines to add a splash of color or turn it inside out for a more incognito gray tone. And for the bottoms, keep it comfortable. Calvin Klein's Modern Cotton hipsters are unbelievably cozy and timelessly classic--the best pick for a woman on the move who needs craves comfy just as much as cute.

katniss 2katniss 3So you've got the look down. Now to act the part, we've whipped up a Katniss inspired playlist--filled with blood-pumping croons and motivating tunes perfect for the girl on the go. These amped-up selections are sure push you past your limits--whether that means powering through your next triathlon or tackling Everest is up to you!

Katniss Playlist


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2015 True Resolutions

blog 2Happy 2015, lovelies! We’re so excited to kick off a brand-new year filled with all things True — namely, lovely lingerie and badass babes (like you!). So, in the spirit of starting on the right foot, we’ve come up with a few True Resolutions that we hope to stick to. What’s more, they’re fun enough that we think we’re actually going to want to keep our resolutions this year. Won’t you join us? Check out our top three True Resolutions, and share your New Year’s resolutions with us on Twitter and Instagram using #TrueResolutions. We can’t wait to see where 2015 leads!

Our True Resolutions:

blog 3

blog 41. Feel Amazing And Fit (On Your Terms). We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely feeling the after effects of December’s revelry. But this year, we’re not beating ourselves up for too much indulgence. Instead, we’re thinking positive, and getting excited about getting out, being active, and feeling fit. Most importantly, we’re focusing on doing activities that we genuinely love, rather than trying to force a gym routine that just won’t happen. Try picking your fitness pleasure this time around, and you’ll find that loving your workouts will increase the chances that you’ll actually do them. Key to any exercise is a killer sports bra. Right now, we’re loving the dynamiX star sports bra from Anita, a perfect choice for serious support. The sleek design and bright colors will pump you up even more.

blog 12. Make Time to Relax. It’s easy to constantly be on the go — between the combination of work, friends, family, and loved ones, weeks go by without finding the time to stop and take a breath. This year, give yourself permission to relax. Work in mellow nights with nothing on the agenda but some wine and a good-bad movie. Schedule it if you have to! You’ll feel rested and ready to take on the rest of the week by storm. Make your mellow time all the more rewarding with cute and cozy loungewear from our own Uniform Specifically, our Easy-Fit Pant and our Cut-Out Sweatshirt, both of which we’ve been tempted to wear to work daily.

blog 5

blog 63. Get Fancy (For Yourself, Too). You’d think that working for a lingerie-filled company such as True, we’d bust out our silky, sexy lingerie on the regular. Not so much. We’re guilty of shoving our “special occasion” underthings in a drawer and sticking to all things comfy and cotton. This year, we want to make a point to get fancy and strut our sexy stuff. We’re definitely thinking of date night here, but we’re firm believers in rocking your sexy lingerie for yourself, too. Throw it on under your work wear in the middle of the week; you’ll feel like you’ve got a dirty little secret all day long (it’s an epic confidence boost, too!). Justine from Trove is a hot number that’ll do the trick… and, we’re confident that it will get rave reviews if it happens to make an appearance on date night, too.

12:00 pm

Romantic Holiday

rom hol headerYou know how the holidays can get. Loads of family, tons of friends, and definitely a crazy great aunt or two. But we think it’s well worth it to make time for just the two of you… that’s right, you and that special someone. Take a break from the family onslaught and celebrate one of the best gifts of all — each other.

We know, we’re getting all sappy on you. But seriously, the holidays have a kind of romance that we can’t help but get suckered into (see: Love Actually). It hits all the right pleasure points, from cozy winter weather to taking the time to think about what your partner will truly love.

Allow us to provide some suggestions. Make your boyfriend or girlfriend’s holiday the best one ever by gifting yourself some gorgeous, romantic, lacy lingerie — minds will be blown, new traditions started, and better yet, you get some new pretty lingerie for yourself. The key is to focus on romance; the lingerie will take care of the rest.

Start with the gorgeously flattering Gramercy Plus from our lovely lace-filled Bezier line, now available in festive holiday red. The deep-hued tone and delicate leaf motif perfectly evokes everything we love about holiday romance; it happens to look great (and supports larger breast sizes) perfectly, too.

rom hol 3Speaking of red, nothing quite puts some serious va-va-voom into an intimate holiday celebration like this sultry three-piece Justine set from Trove. The unlined bra, garter belt, and panties come in a seductive mix of black lace and red satin. After all, who says that being ‘bad’ deserves a lump of coal?

rom hol 6


rom hol 7Amp up the sex appeal even more with this stunning, see-through lace Babydoll negligee, available in classic black and paneled with lace. You may never have to buy another gift again, provided you keep this bad boy handy for all holidays and special occasions.

rom hol 4


rom hol 5Finally, make the holidays as sweet as can be with this pretty little one-two punch of a lace cami and our best-ever lace thong. The Eclair set is part of our Bag of Sweets collection and will redefine holiday treats in your household — the fuschia bralette and grey thong manage to be cute and sweet and totally sexy all at once.

rom hol 1


rom hol 2An unbeatable gift for the one you love, and a chance to treat yourself with some sexy-sweet lace lingerie? Man, the holidays are just the best.