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Feeling It

Looking to infuse a little joie de vivre into your Tuesday afternoon? Here are a few delightfully moody French New Wave looks that have been getting us inspired, from Breathless to Vivre sa Vie. Aaaaand for good measure....

Patricia: Do you know William Faulkner? Michel: No. Who's he? Have you slept with him?”









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Get Intimate: Jennifer Szeto

In our previous post, we got to know Bianca Sotelo, Editorial Director, Producer and Stylist. This week, we take a peek into the life of Jennifer Szeto, Blogger and Producer living in our very own San Francisco, CA.

jen-lay-down  1. The photos on your Instagram are very thoughtful with the use of color and composition. Do you think your experience working in the field of production has influenced your eye?

Yes! I think being in Advertising and Production for so many years has definitely influenced my eye. I work alongside some incredibly talented visual artists and have been able to absorb some of their knowledge and re­interpret it for my own use. My fiancé, Colin, is also a huge advocate of Window of Imagination, and since he also has a design background, he’s provided a lot of guidance throughout my journey.

kitchen-portrait 2. You are in a lot of beautiful, isolated nature shots on your feed. Can you talk a bit about that? Where are most of these photos shot?

Thank you! I have a deep love for the outdoors, and it stems from my passion for rock climbing over the last six years. Climbing is an equally huge part of my life and it has taken me to some majestic places around the world. Shortly after starting Window Of Imagination, I thought it’d be refreshing to merge my personal style with various outdoor landscapes as a way to mix things up. I frequent Yosemite a lot, so you’ll find that many of my outdoor photos are taken in Yosemite Valley or Tuolumne. I also just came back from a climbing trip in South Africa so there’s a good chunk of my feed dedicated to The Cederberg Mountains.

chin-ups-2 3. Where was the furthest place you have gone to?

I just got back from South Africa at the end of July. I was out there to boulder for a month with Colin and 15 of our closest friends in an area called Rocklands, which is located in the Cederberg Mountains. It was an incredible trip, and the climbing was world class, but it took days to get there – 30 hours to fly into Cape Town (10 our flight from San Francisco to London + 8 hour layover + another 12 hour flight from London to Cape Town), and then another 3 hours to drive to our final destination. I was incredibly loopy by the time we got there!

4. Did you grow up in San Francisco?

I was born in Oakland, grew up in a small East Bay town called Alameda, then moved to San Francisco for college... where I felt like I did most of my “growing up". I lived in five different apartments all over The City before meeting Colin, then moved in with him a week after we met. Since then, I’ve been firmly planted in his Mission District apartment for the last six and a half years.

bra-pillow 5. What makes you the happiest?

So many things make me happy, but among them: Climbing, traveling, and spending time with my loved ones. Each of these allow me to reset, be adventurous, and learn from diverse minds.

jen-cochella-colour 6. What is sexy to you?

There is nothing more sexy than a person who exudes confidence and is true to themselves.

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Feeling It


Missing for your favorite festival in Black Rock City? Here's a little something to bring you back to Burning Man, and some style inspiration for next year! Thanks @cthelamb for the stunning shot of entwined, we're feeling it!

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Like a Boss

Revlon partnered with The Cut on a quest to celebrate the world's most innovative women who professionally blaze trails and whose go-to statement piece is a halo of success. If it sounds like a tall order, it is! In fact, as of now there are only three of these hand-selected lady go-getters, each christened with the title Revlon Provocateur.  So who made the cut?  Our very own CEO, Michelle Lam.

As a Revlon Provocateur, Michelle was invited to be photographed for her feature on The Cut. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot where she was asked to choose her favorite nail color for her profile. With an enterprise focused so heavily on design and bold innovation, it's only natural that Michelle chose a vibrant pop of purple to adorn her nails.

Here Michelle sports Revlon's Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel in Wild Card to add glamour and emphasis to her speech as she frequently talks with her hands.

Blog Michelle 3

So she definitely looks the part but does she act the part? Marrying beauty, brains, and breasts, Michelle Lam successfully launched a company using customer feedback and fit data to design gorgeous bras that are tailored to a woman's unique shape and fit.

The best part? Women no longer have to hastily fumble through glaringly public malls and stores to buy their lingerie and lounge wear. "The experience was so miserable. I developed body dysmorphia all of a sudden," says Michelle, drawing on personal experience. So she decided to engineer her own solution. Personal selections get delivered to the intimate atmosphere of each woman's own home (because if you were meant to buy your intimates in public realms, they'd probably be called publics). Say goodbye to impersonal bra shopping and discouraging glances from neighboring bra-shop spectators; the age of personalized, home-delivered bra-buying has arrived.

As if that wasn't enough, True&Co.'s stunning designs arrive on your doorstep neatly packed in a sophisticated bra box specifically designed for True&Co. customers. Talk about thinking outside the (bra) box.

Read Michelle's full feature here on The CutLet us know what you think makes a good Revlon Provocateur on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the hashtag #revlonprovocateurs.

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Try This

Bodysuits bodysuits bodysuits! Did I mention bodysuits? With Fall peeking around the corner, we're looking to cozy up in layers, while still feeling feminine and flirty. But how? We've styled Mimi Holiday's Bisou Bisou Sugar Bodysuit with sheer sweaters and tops, adding layer while playfully showing off a hint of skin.
Here we're paired Bisou with a sheer, blushed sweater, frayed 70's inspired jeans, metallic strappy sandals, and a classic crossbody bag for a romantic daytime look.
For a night out style your bodysuit with a sheer tank buttoned to the neck, striped denim trousers, a bohemian beaded clutch, and transparent heels. Try them!

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In the News

This summer we plucked a few of our fit therapists from our San Francisco office and sent them to Brooklyn for a nomadic, glamping lingerie experience. Concrete + Water hosted True & Co. in their chic, Brooklyn digs while we paired hundreds of women with their personalized lingerie picks.


Check out WhoWhatWhere for more on True & Co's nomadic popup's and an interview with True's CEO, Michelle.

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Feeling It

Snaps to @natamals for these babely Moon Mist pics, we're in love!


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Like a Boss


We talk a lot about empowerment at True&Co. After all, our mission is to build better products for women — beautiful pieces that celebrate individual beauty, rather than one prescribed "type."

Starting with what's underneath (your clothes, that is) is a great first step. But we try to take this message of confidence-driven empowerment beyond our outfits and into our daily lives, too. As often as not, that means the workplace. We have an amazing team of forward-thinking men and women at True & Co., including our fearless leader, CEO & Co-Founder Michelle Lam. Last summer Michelle kicked off a regular series in Fast Company focusing on her experiences as a badass female leader, and ways that all women can and should empower themselves on the regular (aka girl power!).

Her first piece focuses on one of the trickiest areas to navigate at work — negotiations. Whether you're seeking a promotion, raise, or a large amount of funding for a new company, Michelle hones in on the way we negotiate as women, and how to do so while remaining true to yourself (and making friends in the process).

Check out the full article here.

Stay tuned for more from Michelle in Fast Co., and tell us on Twitter: what career-related questions or concerns do you have?

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In the News



Looking for a functional, feminine panty that doesn't put a wedge in your work out? Check out our Lace Brazilian panty!




Self Magazine says, "The moderate coverage was just what I needed for a cycling class. Bonus: It didn’t ride up once. And that’s a rare find in such a lacy fabric."



Pair your Lace Brazilian with the new Uniform Wirefree T-Shirt Bra, and try the Lace Brazilian in a darker hue if you're feeling the Fall vibes like we are.


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In the News

We love the Jodi Ultra Lift Push Up and so does Elle! Here's how they styled it with a sheer, sexy turtleneck-perfect for a date or night out.

"The key to making the bold cocktail look work? Keep everything else modest and pick your lingerie carefully—the right bra should fit perfectly and be free of any seen-better-day tells."-Elle