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Honeymoon Redux

blog wedding shopIs it really that time of year again? Days are getting longer, nights are getting warmer, and we all know what that means… wedding season. That’s right — bust out your cocktail wear and start planning your time off, because this one’s going to be as packed as last year.

Don’t give in to the temptation to grumble. This year, we’re advocating a fresh approach to the wedding-every-weekend season — a wedding equals a chance to travel somewhere gorgeous, spend time with friends new and old, and attend some of the best parties, ever. Oh yeah, and see friends and family commit to loving each other for all eternity.

Whether you’re a guest, a member of the wedding party, or (gulp) the bride herself, a weekend of celebrating calls for beautiful lingerie for everyone involved. If the entire point of said wedding weekend is a celebration of love, we suggest you go all out. The first step, of course, is to treat yourself to our top wedding season lingerie picks, certain to make every weekend away feel like your second (or twentieth) honeymoon.

If you’re wearing white:
Reserving white for the bride is so last season, particularly given the proliferation of gorgeous summer frocks in various creamy hues. The Gramercy Balconette Bra in nude from our Bézier line is just the right accompaniment to your summer whites (brides too!) – the smooth, balconette shape provides top support for all manner of necklines, and the gorgeous, foliage-inspired lace will add the right amount of romance for times when your dress is off.

If you’re going strapless (or halter, or racerback):
We love an interesting neckline, and there’s no time like summer to show off your yoga shoulders, Pilates back, or Crossfit midriff. Or, your beautiful, natural self — no exercise needed. In brief, you need a bra that can suit every type of dress, so you can let your summer style shine. The Multi-way Strapless Bra from our Uniform line accomplishes exactly that — the adjustable straps fit five different silhouettes, allowing you to mix and match your wedding wardrobe.

If you’re feeling a little frisky:
You know the Wedding Crashers theory — there’s no time like a wedding to get in the mood for love… literally. Whether you’re bringing a date or flying solo, there’s no rule that the honeymoon is reserved for the newlyweds. Get in the spirit of your own summer loving-inspired romp with the Strapping Lace Set from bad girl lingerie savant Trove. Red and black detailing plus a strappy garter skirt equals are kind of summer heat… don’t forget to bring a set of thigh highs to match.

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Behind The Scenes: Palm Springs

We love anything that allows us to dig into our creative sides here at True&Co., from designing beautiful, innovative lingerie to coming up with the themes for our weekly emails. Every part of our thought process allows us to share a little something different about our brand — the intelligence of the designs, our commitment to women of all shapes and sizes, even our silly, playful selves.

Our photoshoots, showcasing our latest products, provide a similar outlet for creativity, but with a whole new world of possibility. We think of these captures as windows into our creative process; views that we want to share with our wonderful customers, and the world at large.

That means that every decision really counts — the location, the look, the time of day, and the vibe. Our most recent photoshoot took place in Palm Springs, near the dramatic beauty of Joshua Tree National Park. Our Creative Director Nikki Dekker shared her thoughts on this original inspiration:

“I wanted this campaign to really reflect the attitude of the True&Co. muse — specifically, a feeling of her radiant, free spirit. The goal was to convey a sense of joy, a strong, original personality; a boundary breaker.”

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

The location, Rock Reach House in Palm Springs, was a major contributing factor to this sensibility. It’s location in True&Co.’s home state was a win, too… not to mention avoiding the East Coast’s polar vortex.

“I really wanted to incorporate themes of blurred boundaries — bringing the outdoors in and vice versa,” says Nikki of Rock Reach. “I loved the house for both its proximity to Joshua Tree national park as well as for the simplicity of its architecture. The sun, rocks and vegetation had a very warm, crisp feel, and the mixing of the wild nature with the clean, almost industrial, lines of the house felt nostalgic of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I always like a little sci-fi adventure!”

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset
As for the photos themselves, Nikki wanted to give the more “traditional” fashion shoot photos a bit of a meta-wink — the hardware supporting the ombre backdrop (with colors representing a desert sunset) is exposed, along with the surrounding environment. Keeping in the theme of contrast, those images are set alongside lifestyle-centric photos, true behind-the-scenes photos of our lovely models during downtime.

bts-12Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

“We wanted to show that, while our models are beautiful, they're also real women wearing the product and feeling like themselves. These are often in and around the house,” Nikki says, explaining that the theme of contrasts prevailed: “Here, we would bring the outdoors in via reflections, or views of the landscape through the windows and doors.”

Of course, as with anything nature-dependent, there were some factors that were out of our control. Specifically — some pretty serious wind going on during our shoot. Still, that ended up working in our favor, too.

“It wasn’t exactly planned for, but the wind added a feeling of spontaneity and movement to the photos! Overall, it really contributed to our inspiration of a strong, natural spirit.”

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Introducing: Bézier in Cobalt

rewardstyle bezier cobaltWe draw inspiration from every aspect of life. The way the air feels different as the seasons change; the sweet, subtle transition from spring’s delicate softness to more insistent heat of summer. Everything feels bolder — colors seem to shine more brightly, from the playful tones of your summer wardrobe to the vibrant hue of the summer sky.

Summer’s the time to show a little more skin, too, and let your sexy confidence shine. And we want you to have a bra to do justice to the season.

Meet Cobalt, the newest iteration of our Bézier line. You’ll find the same, intricate, detail-centric lace, and the same vintage silhouettes that you loved in black and nude shades. But now, Bézier has been reborn with summer on the mind, making use of athletic-inspired mesh, the gorgeous shade of vintage cobalt glass, and that unforgettable feeling of the deep, pure blue summer sky.

Vintage and modern, classic and bold? Sounds like our kind of bra pairing. We love this cobalt bra with an oversized racerback tank, with blue lace peeking out the sides — it looks as good with a pair of cut-off shorts as with that mini skirt you’ve been dying to break out for a summer night on the town. We also like wearing this shade as an alternative to a basic black bra — think of cobalt as the dark wash denim alternate to your black skinny jeans.

However you wear it — with a breezy summer tee, or a beach-party ready dress, we encourage you to let that brilliant shade of blue show. It was inspired by the boldness of the coming season, and however you wear it, we know that it will look gorgeous on you.

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Breaking Up With Perfect: #WomenOfTrue

women of true

We broke up with perfect last month at True&Co., and dug deep to sort out our feelings about the term, concept, and implications of perfection. Then, we took it a step further. We asked more amazing women how they felt about our break-up, and were so inspired by their thoughts, that we decided to share them with you. Below, some words of wisdom on why release from perfection is one of the most beautiful things out there:

“Acceptance is the liberation from perfectionism. It's all a spectrum: I still want to look good and be good, but I want to balance that ambition with accepting myself as I am. We all have our own definition of perfect, driven by our experiences, insecurities and wants. That's why breaking up with perfect can feel so hard, because it's so deeply personal. You have to let go… and accept a part of yourself to break up with perfect. And that's scary! Perfect is an attempt to hide from vulnerability, but vulnerability is a much better, freer thing.”

“I like the idea of breaking up with perfect — it reminds me of an exercise I'd take my 13-14 year old campers through. I’d have them all ‘tear up their cool card,’ so they could just be themselves. I think that you can break up with perfect once you've formed a good enough sense of self that you appreciate and flaunt what makes you unique. And I think now, when forming new friendships and starting new relationships, you realize that it's these qualities that make people gravitate toward you versus some ideal of perfection. I remember I used to feel self-conscious about my nose being too big - then last year I said f*@& it, I want a nose ring : ) So I got one!”
women of true-1We also loved hearing redefinitions of perfect — and ways that it can be a truly positive, inclusive term.

“When I think of the word perfect, I think of naïve optimism. There is really no such thing as ‘perfect,’ so when we describe something as such, we are simply trying to emphasize our appreciation of it rather than admitting its flaws.”

“I don’t like to think of perfect as meaning flaw-free: I prefer to re-concept it as perfect-for-you. I think the “traditional” idea of perfection these days — think celebrities and Hollywood -- is very strict. But when you tie it with ideas of perfect memories, or perfect feelings or personal things, it becomes different, and special.”

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Spring Giving: Donate Your Bra

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We firmly believe in the transformative power of a gorgeous, well-fitting bra — the right bra can make you feel like your best, beautiful self. Much of this has to do with finding that great fit, taking good care of your bras, and knowing when to replace your best-loved bras with new ones.

But we think that it is equally essential to find new lives for these old bras. Bras are, truly, a necessity for almost all women, and are the most needed garment at shelters and donation centers.

That’s right: you can donate your bra. And based on the amount of need for this must-have item, we believe that you should.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetBra donation isn’t quite as quick and simple as throwing your neglected clothing items in a bag and dropping them off at your local donation center. Nor should it be — bras are intimate apparel, and require an additional level of care and attention to ensure that the next woman who wears yours gets the most out of it.

That’s why we like to leave this task to the professionals. The Bra Recyclers are a textile recycling company that takes your gently worn bras (all the more reason to give your lingerie wardrobe an annual refresh!) and gives them new life. They help provide women at shelters and transitional centers around the country with bras that actually fit.

And they make it easy to donate, too. Print out a mailing label and send your freshly washed bras to their mailing address in Gilbert, Arizona (or drop it off if you’re local!). That’s all it takes. Another woman can benefit from your favorite bras, and you now have room in your lingerie drawer for this year’s lingerie essentials.

Find out more and donate your bras here.


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Styling the Bra of the Year

bra of the year outfits

Have we told you lately how much we love a good balconette bra? So much that we went ahead and named it the *official* Bra Of The Year?

Call us obsessed. The balconette is everything we’re looking for in a bra — it’s supportive and comfortable, yet vintage-sexy in a way that makes it feel worthy of a special occasion. It truly celebrates your body’s shape: the balconette is all about cleavage, but natural cleavage, without extra padding or bulk.

You can absolutely get some style inspiration from the gorgeous screen goddesses we mentioned in our previous post about the balconette. But this vintage style is well-suited to modern day styles, too. The bra’s low neckline is a natural fit for low cut tops which, conveniently, also nicely showcase that great-looking cleavage of yours.

But there’s something else about the best balconette bras that’s important to consider when styling yours — many of them are truly beautiful garments, featuring lovely lace or intricate detailing that are dying to be shown off a little. Take the Marielle balconette by Felina — the combination of delicate crepe fabric and corset-like stitching show an attention to style and design that pairs well with playful, bra-revealing styles.

Our Gramercy bra (and the Gramercy Plus), available in black and nude, is an excellent example of the balconette’s peek-a-boo power. The intricate, leaf-motif lace is beautiful on its own, while its bandeau-like silhouette makes for a smooth, flattering line that works well under sheer tops or oversized tank tops.

We love a classic black and nude balconette, but that’s just the beginning. This season, keep an eye out for long line styles (accentuating that sultry vintageness even more), and bright, bold colors. You can go all out and wear your balconette as a top, or work them into some of your favorite springtime pieces.

It’s all about the versatility. And with the balconette, you can translate this classic, flattering silhouette into your own brand of sexiness.

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Spring is in Bloom

It’s finally happening: Spring is coming. Thanks to daylight savings we’ve got longer days, and we’re even starting to see some warmth in regions that have been buried in snow for months. While it may be a little preemptive to pack up the winter coats, we think it’s high time to get in the spring spirit.

How? By working bold, bright colors into your lingerie wardrobe. It’s amazing how a little flash of fabulous color can make every day feel like a celebration. We love our classic blacks and subtle nudes, but these days, we’re obsessed with a brand-new lingerie shade — orchid.

Photo Feb 26, 2 18 52 PMMake that Radiant Orchid. This gorgeous pink hue is the perfect balance of bold and sophisticated; it’s feminine without being too-cute. Radiant Orchid is a shade of pink for grown-ups… and it’s exactly the kind of color we love to have peeking out of an easy-fit tank top or barely showing through a white button down.

Start your newfound love with Radiant Orchid with our Unlined Triangle bra, a light-as-air, totally breathable classic from our Uniform line that feels as easy as a light spring breeze. You’ll be plenty supported, while feeling as comfortable as can be.

You’ll find other favorites available in orchid, too, from our Multi-Way strapless bra to the hugely popular Contour + bra.

Photo Feb 23, 11 21 25 AMWhile you’re at it, now’s a great time to reassess the overall state of your lingerie drawer. Is it time to replace some of your better-loved bras (read up on the whens and hows of bra replacement here!)? This is the best kind of spring cleaning, since it gives you full license to acquire new beautiful bras. We’re certainly tempted to spend every day in orchid, but rounding out your wardrobe with a gorgeous nude number and a classic black push-up is nothing but a great idea.

Our picks for both come from our lace-rich Bézier line. Specifically, the Tribeca in nude, a wonderfully smooth demi bra; and the Riverside in black, the perfect subtle push up for those days when you want a little extra lift.

Plus, beloved black and nude bras make those orchid days all the more special. Happy spring indeed, beautiful!

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Breaking Up With Perfect: Anda

Recently, we broke up with perfect -- as a term, and as a concept. Now, we’re asking some of our lovely ladies of True to tell us why they think perfect is so over… and why celebrating unique, individual beauty is our constant inspiration. Here, our Head of Marketing Anda Pho illustrates how "trendy" perfection is fleeting... and why following your own style is far more rewarding.
I used to perm my hair.
I used to skip meals to fit into Guess jeans.
I used to use Sun-In streaks.
I used to wear hypercolor clothing.
I used to always buy the latest "in" bag.
I used to say things because I thought he would think me cool.
I used to wear extremely uncomfortable sky high heels.

These were all trends (no need to guess my age!) I adhered to because I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be the "perfect" girl that did what she was supposed to do.

How "perfect" would I look today in my hypercolor t-shirt, with a streaky Sun-In-laced perm? Exactly.

I still pay some attention to "what's in" now. But I refuse to be a slave to trends. I only follow the ones that I think are me, for me, and make me me. I wear the clothes, carry the bag, and rock the hairstyle that make me feel best, and most like myself.

No one thing or one person can possibly define me. What defines me is me. And although I'm not always perfect, I like it better that way. I feel much more liberated being myself.

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Breaking Up With Perfect: Nikki

Last week, we broke up with perfect -- as a term, and as a concept. Now, we’re asking some of our lovely ladies of True to tell us why they think perfect is so over… and why celebrating unique, individual beauty is our constant inspiration. Here, our Creative Director Nikki Dekker speaks on the limitations of perfection in both design and life, and how letting go of expectations can be freeing in more ways than one.


The idea of perfection is so inhuman. As designers, we should strive to create for fellow humans — in the case of True&Co., our fellow women, regardless of their shape and size.

An example of this can be found in embracing our own flaws and insecurities.

I am a very anxious person, naturally. It was particularly bad in my twenties, when I was so overly conscious of what other people thought about me. Was I interesting enough? Smart enough? Have I accomplished as much as everyone else?

Then I grew older and realized that, just like everyone else, I’m human and IT'S OKAY to not know how to do something. It's okay that I have failed miserably at snow-boarding. It's okay to admit I am horrible with geography. I can't tell you the relief that has come with allowing myself to utter the words "I don't know," or "I made a mistake." Because everyone has. And then you learn and probably won't make that mistake again. And you get better and smarter and those stories of failure or embarrassment make you more interesting.


That doesn’t mean I still don’t have my anxieties. I’ll always be an anxious person. But this acknowledgment, this dismissal of perfection, has made it so much more tolerable. I can almost physically feel weight being lifted from me when I think about it.

Believe it or not, I love getting older. I actually kind of like wrinkles and grey hair. And while I'm not crazy about my metabolism high-tailing it out of my body, I can accept it, because it’s what inevitably happens and all you can say is, "Now what?" All through my career, I've enjoyed designing for myself. So as these milestones and skin firmness pass, I can call upon experience to aid my design because I know most people have likely gone through something like it (whether that's a changing physique or needing the perfect bra to wear to that party you're secretly dreading).

I wouldn’t be who I am today without my imperfections. Neither would you! By making those and saying “I don’t know,” you get to be better than perfect — you get to be you.

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Breaking Up With Perfect

breaking up with perfectNow that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, we want to talk about break ups. Specifically, our break up with with a super appealing, easy to get attached to kind of word: perfect.

You heard us, ladies. We’re breaking up with perfect… with the term, the concept, and the implication that there’s one version of “ideal” out there. Why? Because we don’t believe that there’s such a thing as perfect. There are too many ways to feel good, fit well, and feel beautiful for any one of them to be the very best.

Here’s our beef with “perfect.” It implies that there’s no room for improvement. If we promise you a perfect bra and a perfect fit, we’re suggesting that there is no possible way that we can learn more about you — your shape and your tastes — that can help us provide you with something even better. As a company, we never want to imply that we’re done learning, growing, and improving… we’re not perfect, and we don’t think we ever want to be.

And then, there’s the ways we relate to “perfection” as women. There are far too many messages out there about the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect way to be beautiful. How can that even be possible, when there are so, so many kinds of beauty out there? We don’t want to look one way to achieve perfection; we want to be ourselves, and feel amazing doing so. We want to be our best selves, a self that can evolve, a self that changes her mind about things.

Celebrating that individuality has been tantamount in building True&Co., and will continue to guide us as we design better products, reach more shapes and sizes with our TrueSpectrum, and improve your Personal Shop to allow you to have a great shopping experience. We want to fit you and your needs better. What’s more, we never want you to feel like you have to change to fit us “perfectly.”

So we’re done with you, perfect. We’re all about celebrating individuality, and doing our best — and focusing on all of the ways that we can get even better from here.