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Meet Fei: Our Director of Marketing

fei 2

Tell us about your role at True&Co.
I oversee the marketing team at True&Co. and it's an exciting place to be! In marketing, my goal is to attract customers to the True&Co. brand and our great products and build a lasting relationship with our customers. We use a number of different paid and organic marketing channels, PR, and partnerships to accomplish this and we're constantly experimenting with new channels and partnerships, so things are ever-evolving in new directions.

What's it like working on your team?
I hope rewarding and fun at the same time. With digital marketing, we see the impact of our marketing, from the creative to the copy, almost instantly. We constantly test and learn to understand what works and what doesn't, so we can gain insights into what our customers want and expect from us. The marketing team at True&Co. is incredibly smart, effective, hard-working and has a sense of humor, so it's a great and easy team to lead.

Tell us about your background
I started my career in investment banking and jumped into fashion/retail, since that is what excites me. I've worked on both the supply and demand side of retail at Gap Inc. and Bebe. I will say I love marketing, because it's an art and a science and you get to combine both forces to engage and delight customers.

What has been your favorite part about working here
True&Co. is new and dynamic. We're disruptive and it's exciting to see the impact we're making in the intimates space. I personally thrive in an ever-changing environment and appreciate how quickly we can react to trends, adapt to changes, and shape the future of the company.

What makes Runway great
Runway allows me to feel good about transitioning my professional responsibilities and team to willing and capable hands. As I enter this new chapter in my life, I can dedicate the personal time I need to welcome this new addition to my life and family and take care of all the needs of my baby. It also provides someone else with the opportunity to get back into the workplace after taking some time off to focus on their family and step into an amazing company, role, and team.

What makes you most excited to be a Mommy
I can't wait to see my baby for the first time and try all the stuff we've been buying!
Read more about True&Co.'s new workforce re-entrance and career development program here: Introducing Runway.

Are you a great candidate for Runway? Look for our Fall 2014 Runway Roles on our Careers page to learn more. Come join us and spread the word on this important initiative!

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Pretty Damn Professional

DSC_7921 edit

We’ve all got our work wardrobe. Whether you’re a high-powered exec or killing it at a startup, workwear is always a little different from your weekend outfit of choice — it’s a little more conservative, a little more covered up, in short, a little more professional.

We dig it. There’s something fun, and uniquely grown up, about dressing for the office, whether your office requires a power suit or jeans and a tee. But with every work outfit comes an important need: work lingerie.

We’ve certainly been there — showing up at the office and realizing that your shirt is just a little too sheer for that black bra, a little too cleavagey for your button down, or a little too unlined for that sleek, “I’m here to do business” sheath. But focusing on coverage, and a smooth line, doesn’t have to mean boring lingerie. Think of it as your power bra: your professional lingerie that you bust out to get through the day, and feel great. So what is it that makes a bra a professional bra? Here are our five faves for your work wardrobe:

hidden glamour edit

The Hidden Glamour by Natori says it all in the name — it’s chic, it’s discreet, but it’s got some lovely lace detailing that just feels plain pretty. Go for it in gun metal — the full coverage cup and smooth lines will make this a go-to with light colored tops and fitted dresses.

brallelujah edit final

A good black bra is a must, for day, night, and everywhere in between. We love the Bra-llelujah Racerback from Spanx — with just the right amount of lift and a versatile racerback, this bra is so comfortable you’ll be looking for excuses to wear it with everything. This one’s great for your classy work tees, too.

contour plus edit

Having a full bust can make dealing with crisp button-downs a challenge. Two words: button gap. Avoid it, and feel pretty in pink, with the Contour + from Uniform in a sweet shade of scallop shell. You’ll get all of the support you need, but the lightly lined cups look barely-there under thinner fabrics.

space girls dream edit

A fire-engine red bra at work? You bet! A Space Girl’s Dream from She Walks in Beauty (+ Light) has all of the coverage you need, while smoothing and rounding your rack to look good under anything. Stay away from sheer, light tops, and you get the added bonus of knowing you’ve got on sassy red lingerie through the day.

DSC_7893 edit

Speaking of… sometimes you still want a little lift to get you through the day. We love the Across the Universe bra (also from SWIB+L), which provides the right amount of coverage, and just a little push-up to make your shape look fab. And the detailing on the nude bra is both special and subtle, perfect to power through your work day.

Need help finding professional lingerie for your work wardrobe? Tweet at us or tag us on Instagram for tips!

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All About Azure

Introducing the TrueSpectrum Series, where we share our top picks for all of the colors on our TrueSpectrum rainbow of shapes and sizes. Want to know your color? Take the TrueSpectrum fit quiz here! And stay tuned for more Color Profiles.

Oh hey, gorgeous Azure girls! We’re so glad you’re here. Did you know that 9% of women have a similar shape to you?

We’ve searched for, and created, some of the better fitting bras for your specific shape and positioning — what we term shallow (how you rest in the cup) and bottom sides (where your breasts are positioned). And unlike traditional bra fitting experiences, we’ve also figured out the brands and bra shapes that show off your girls in the best possible way.

allaboutazure4 editt

Where to start? We find that you lovely Azures often go for bras that give a little extra lift. Push up bras especially help to lift subtly from the sides and bottom. We love the Uniform Push Up bra in Ash — the lift-level is just demure enough to wear under your favorite tee on the regular, and has a nice smoothing effect thanks to the nicely rounded demi cup. The Ash, in particular, is a win — it works under light and dark colors equally well.

allaboutazure5 edit

Of course, you’ll want a playful pushup bra, too (who doesn’t?). Try the Seductive Comfort from Calvin Klein in Sultan with Black trim. The name says it all with this hot little beauty — it’s so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re rocking sexy lingerie for the day. And always, always just say yes to deep colored bras!

allaboutazure3 editt

Speaking of sexy, have we mentioned how obsessed we are with Natori’s Feathers bra? This perfect plunge gets all the details right — lace lining plus sheer sides equals all kinds of gorgeous, with a cut that’s meant for low necklines. This burgundy number is a unique, and classy, addition to your lingerie collection, and is particularly well suited to you blue-hued Azures!

allaboutazure2 edit

If you haven’t made the leap into unlined bras yet, the Made of Stars bra is the perfect entry point. Try it in Charcoal and Mint — the diamond mesh overlay gives a little bit of art deco glam, and the neckline’s just right for all kinds of tops.

What are your favorite bra finds, Azures? And tell us — what color on the TrueSpectrum should we profile next?

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Michelle Lam: Revlon Provocateur

Revlon partnered with The Cut on an epic quest to celebrate the world's most innovative women who professionally blaze trails and whose go-to statement piece is a halo of success. If it sounds like a tall order, it is. In fact, as of now there are only three of these hand-selected lady go-getters, each christened with the title Revlon Provocateur.  So who made the cut? As a matter of fact, our very own CEO, Michelle Lam.

As a Revlon Provocateur, Michelle was invited to be photographed for her feature on The Cut. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot where she was asked to choose her favorite nail color for her profile. With an enterprise focused so heavily on design and bold innovation, it's only natural that Michelle chose a vibrant pop of purple to adorn her nails.

Here Michelle sports Revlon's Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel in Wild Card to add glamour and emphasis to her speech as she frequently talks with her hands.

Blog Michelle 3

So she definitely looks the part but does she act the part? Marrying beauty, brains, and breasts, Michelle Lam successfully launched a company using customer feedback and fit data to design gorgeous bras that are tailored to a woman's unique shape and fit.

The best part? Women no longer have to hastily fumble through glaringly public malls and stores to buy their lingerie and lounge wear. "The experience was so miserable. I developed body dysmorphia all of a sudden," says Michelle, drawing on personal experience. So she decided to engineer her own solution. Personal selections get delivered to the intimate atmosphere of each woman's own home (because if you were meant to buy your intimates in public realms, they'd probably be called publics). Say goodbye to impersonal bra shopping and discouraging glances from neighboring bra-shop spectators, the age of personalized, home-delivered bra-buying has arrived.

As if that wasn't enough, True&Co.'s stunning designs arrive on your doorstep neatly packed in a sophisticated bra box specifically designed for True&Co. customers. Talk about thinking outside the (bra) box.

Read Michelle's full feature here on The CutLet us know what you think makes a good Revlon Provocateur on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the hashtag #revlonprovocateurs.

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Meet Kathy: Our Director of Inventory & Assortment Management

kathyIMG_1070Tell us about your role at True&Co.
Where to begin??!
I oversee the Customer Service team and the Merchandise Planning team from design, production planning, supply chain management, pre-season and in-season buying of all merchandise. I also manage the pre-season and in-season financial performance of our brands and product categories.

What's it like working on your team?
Busy. Good Busy. I know everyone says their job is different every day, but it really is. That's the nature of retail if you have worked in it before, but even more so when you are in a start-up environment. You have to be willing and able to pivot your priorities as needed by the business. It is a very fast paced environment with a lot of great energy. Music is almost always playing which helps keep your pace up.

I don't know what my team members would say about working on my team; hopefully that it is fun! I can be heard all over the floor, my voice tends to carry. I have pretty high expectations of my myself and my team. We all work very hard, and focus on driving the business forward. We analyze trends, product performance, and financial results on a daily basis.

The Customer Service team is critical, being our eyes and ears to what the customer has to say and looping the rest of the team in on their feedback. It is so important to take the data we get from our customers and turn it into actionable items, from how to improve the site to making our product fit better.

Merchandise Design and Merchandise Planning team is focused on bringing our customer the best collection of product available. No garment makes it on to the site without proper fit testing and evaluation. The team owns selecting the goods, buying the goods and tracking their performance through the entire life cycle.

What has been your favorite part about working here?
People. We all want to win. Everyone is dedicated and tirelessly working towards the same goal; changing the way women shop. We are a balanced mix of art and science. Everyone has an equal voice and every idea is considered.

Tell us about the Runway program.
Runway is a great opportunity for me, as a new mom, to feel confident about leaving the team in good hands while I am out. It gives me the opportunity to focus and adjust to this new phase of my life, without the worry of leaving the business. It also lets us as a company help another woman get back into the workforce and test the water out. It is a win win for all of us and something more companies should consider adopting.

What makes you most excited to be a Mommy? Holding my baby and seeing what she looks like. I am having a girl and am 8 months pregnant so not much time left. It is beyond fascinating what the body is capable of doing. The team has been great and I can't wait for them to meet her as well.
Read more about True&Co.'s new workforce re-entrance and career development program here: Introducing Runway.

Are you a great candidate for Runway? Look for our Fall 2014 Runway Roles on our Careers page to learn more. Come join us and spread the word on this important initiative!

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Bra-ssentials: Building Your Bra Collection

IMG_1028We all have our bra phases. From the days of all lace, all the time, to brightly patterned push ups, to too-cute bralettes that we just had to have.

We love ‘em all. Bras are so much fun because there’s a style, a color, and a pattern for every mood, and a fit for every shape and size (especially when you’ve got your true size figured out!). But trends, as we know, come and go. But a must-have bra, a classic bra, is forever -- one that will see you through changing styles and moods, and will complement your personal style in special ways.

So, we decided to work on putting together the building blocks for your go-to bra collection — the ones that you really can’t do without, that you find yourself replacing after years of good times together because they’re just that comfortable, flattering, and yes, useful. Once you have these lingerie essentials taken care of, we say it’s all fair game to go nuts with the other gorgeous bras out there. Where to start?

IMG_1022The Strapless Bra. Do you have a love-hate relationship with your strapless? Us too. It’s so necessary, but so hard to get right. We’re loving the strapless bra from our Uniform collection — it stays up, shapes nicely, and better yet, is a full-on multi-way, so you can add straps to suit a variety of styles. With five styles available (including that pesky strapless), you’ll be covered for all kinds of occasions.

The Push-Up Bra. Once you find the perfect push-up, it’s hard not to wear it every day. That sexy lift with just the right amount of cleavage is to die for… and adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to even the most basic of outfits. Try our exclusive Across The Universe bra for a killer balance between smooth shape and a little bit of lift — it looks and feels natural, unlike the nightmare shoulder-pad style pushups you may have encountered before. The nude style is perfect for a low-cut white blouse or tee, but don’t be afraid to go bold with a red push-up, too.


The Plunge Bra. Sometimes, you’ve just got to let a little sternum show. Enter the plunge bra, the ultimate lingerie essential for low cut tops, plunging necklines, and chic wrap styles. There’s no beating Feathers by Natori for mastering this style — between the lovely lace and comfortable, wearable support, you’ll find yourself wearing this bad boy with all kinds of styles, plunge needed or not. The rich cocoa color is a win, too – it’s both classic and unique.

The T-Shirt Bra. Finding the perfect tee is up there with finding your favorite pair of jeans, high heels you can walk in, or sunglasses that fit your face just right. Do your favorite t-shirt justice with the perfect t-shirt bra, meant to show off your shape just right. We love the smooth lines of the Contour + bra, meant to give you the perfect amount of coverage and look flattering under both fitted and loose shirts. Even better? It comes in a range of neutral tones, meaning your white tee can share in the t-shirt bra love, too.

What bras are must-haves in your bra collection? Tell us on Twitter, or tag us on Instagram!

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Keeping it Classy: Wedding (Lingerie) Etiquette 101

IMG_0925We think it’s safe to say that wedding season is in full swing. These days, it feels like every day a new invitation or save-the-date arrives, and our calendars are filling up at a rapid-fire pace.

And easy as it is to grumble about the flights, the hotels, the dresses… we love every second. There’s nothing better than an excuse to play dress up, party with your friends, and really, share the love with a new couple that’s kicking things off right.

But wedding season has its own particular challenges; namely, figuring out what to wear. A black-tie, outdoor wedding in Virginia, in August? A night-before cocktail reception, followed by a barn wedding in the woods? The possibilities are endless, and it can be challenging to figure out just how formal, or informal, you want to be.

IMG_0917-1We’ve found that searching around on Pinterest, and checking out what’s hot on Rent the Runway, are great ways to share ideas with friends and get inspiration for our own wedding attire. And once we’ve figured out our dress situation, we move right on to the next important step: figuring out exactly the right bra to wear so that we can look fabulous and feel as comfortable. After all, wedding lingerie doesn’t just need to be for the bride! Think beyond your worn out strapless bra. From the perfect racerback bra, to a backless bra that actually stays up, we’ve got you covered.

IMG_0932This summer wedding season, we’ve found that it’s essential to have an arsenal of cute and versatile racerback bras on hand — from clever cut outs to sexy, sporty cocktail dresses, they help keep your look bra strap-free. We love the Nicole Racerback in nude and this sassy Caress Racerback in Blaze Pink Dot; the lace details in the back lend just the right amount of sexy style. If a smooth line is our top priority, there’s no beating the Multi-Way Strapless from Uniform — it works well with clingy fabrics, and the versatile straps make it perfect for any outfit. If we’re going for high drama with a long, backless gown, or a short and sexy cocktail dress with an exposed back, this backless strapless lace number is a must for support and shaping.

What are you wearing to weddings this summer and fall? Tell us on Twitter or tag us on Instagram for bra styling tips!

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Helping Women Succeed in Startups: Introducing Runway

IMG_0872"I'm extremely proud to announce True&Co's launch of Runway: a workforce re-entrance and career development program designed specifically for female leaders who've taken time off from work for their family. Our office has been buzzing with excitement about several recent baby announcements, and Runway will prepare our Moms-to-Be for a smooth transition in and out of maternity leave. Established companies have had great success with similar programs, and here at True&Co, we're pleased to be the first to offer this program as a more female-oriented, startup company."

- Michelle Lam, Co-Founder & CEO

Fall 2014 Runway Roles:
1) Acting Director of Inventory & Assortment Management
2) Acting Director of Marketing

Runway is especially meaningful to us here at True&Co. as a company dedicated to empowering women. We are not only building product and services exclusively for women, but also a group of strong and dynamic individuals that believe in providing leadership opportunities and growth to other women. The dialogue around career versus family isn't a new one, and we're bringing Runway to life to help usher talented, experienced women, who took time off to raise children, back into a competitive, innovative working environment. Currently, there are very few flexible work options for some truly incredible women that chose to exit the workforce, and this is our response to helping bridge this gap and continue fostering a world where successful, motivated women can find balance between career and family.

IMG_0865 croppedHow does the program itself look?

- A 4-6 month paid part time and flex work program for highly qualified and talented women, ready to re-enter the workforce and continue building their career in leadership roles.

This includes:
- 3-6 weeks of ramp up shadowing a role, prior to the current role holder's departure for maternity leave
- 8-10 weeks of coverage leading the team, while the current leader is on maternity leave
- 4-6 weeks of transition while the current leader returns
- Possible transition into a full time position at True&Co.
- Leadership building, reference building and networking with a fast growing e-commerce company

Are you a great candidate for Runway? Look for our Fall 2014 Runway Roles on our Careers page to learn more. Come join us and spread the word on this important initiative!

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#trueboxlove(First row from left to right: Michelle David, Sarah Morasso; second row: @emmablob, Claire Faaborg; third row: Jamie Lee, @amyjoe101)

We receive so many beautiful bra box photos from our customers everyday! These are just a few of our favorite ones. We love seeing all of the lovely items people get in their boxes.

Be sure to share a picture of your own bra box with us via Facebook or Twitter and tag #TrueBoxLove to get your exclusive promo code for a special gift! We’re always on the lookout for more great photos to share on our blog so send them in!

Check out our Pinterest for more photos from our fans: #TrueBoxLove
Start your own box today!


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Michelle on Wanelo


Our CEO and founder Michelle is a featured user on Wanelo. Here's what she has to say about building a startup, style, and Wanelo!

On style and building a startup:

"To me, style is not a conscious thought process or something that you articulate. I think of it like throwing things together that shouldn’t belong, but somehow creating an interesting yet harmonious picture. I wish I could simply say, 'This is my formula,' but I think it’s a lot about hacking your way into stuff that works for you.

It’s very similar to the approach that I take throughout my life. Building a startup is all about hacking your way and hopefully succeeding more than you fail. And style means being fearless enough to do that experimentation and find what resonates.

Style is incredibly important. It’s the first thing people notice about you when you walk in a room. And if you think about the number of people you interact with in a day, you actually only talk to a subset of those people but you‘re kind of visually interacting with almost everyone that you pass on the street. To me, style is your signature expression. It’s a precursor to interacting with you. It’s the instant first impression that alludes to your personality and who you are inside."

On Wanelo:

"All my Wanelo collections have an emotional connection more than anything else. I created them based on emotional themes and what they’ve evoked – basically, the ideas they have inspired for me.

Some of these collections have special significance. We created our first line of lingerie and silks, 'She Walks in Beauty (+ Light)' last fall, and while we were creating the vision for the brand, I created the collections 'Space Age' and 'Art Deco.' We had these Art Deco themes, but it was primarily about a witty female space adventurer. It was about what she was going to wear while traveling through time. This meant lot of metallics, a lot of interesting and almost architectural silhouettes but infused with fun like galaxy leggings. The collection included a projected galaxy that you could put on the ceiling of your room, which I ended up buying.

I started the collection 'Simplicity' as we were choosing the color palettes for our second brand, Uniform. Uniform is all about live-in-luxury basics, so that’s the minimalist side of my personal style. The collection has these really beautiful neutrals and then an odd pop of bright color. This collection became my inspiration and it was how I shared my vision of what Uniform was with my team."

Check out the full feature on Wanelo!