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Lush to Blush True&Co. Review


“Luckily, I don’t need too much support, but I have found an amazing bralette that offers support and the perfect amount of coverage. It’s the Uniform bralette from True & Co. I love it so much that I bought 2 and I’m very tempted to buy another.”


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The Bragging Mommy True&Co. Review

"Have you ever just needed a good Bra or tank top to go under your clothes? Well I have. I have been on the lookout for a good bra and something that I could wear under my clothes to um smooth down the lumps. Yes being a Mom I would love to get rid of that baby fat but sometimes it just doesn’t happen when I want. I finally found somewhere that the Bras and Lingerie were really affordable and they were perfect for my body type!”

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The Perfect Palette True&Co. Review

"Here’s what makes their collection standout from the rest. They are bra fitting experts, you guys. And guess what? You don’t even have to step into a store or a dressing room to get a bra that fits! Yep. You read that correctly. True and Co. has developed a 20 question quiz asking all sorts of questions about how your current bras fit.”

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True&Co. Review by B Soup!

"Everything feels and fits perfectly because I took their easy online quiz about my body type and fit issues. #Fissues?
TRUE & Co. has super affordable lingerie and the coziest lounge wear. Here’s some of my personal favorites from the TRUE & Co. site for any occasion. Including Netflix marathons.”
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Pretty Little Underthings Review of True&Co.

"I picked out a padded contour bra, and the coup de grace: JERSEY LOUNGE PANTS. WITH POCKETSYESSSSSS. From their two True Originals lines, the majority of the products I chose were from Uniform by True&Co., and I picked one pretty black bra (of course in black, but with the prettiest cutout details that keeps it from being just another black bra) from their more romantic collection, She Walks in Beauty (+Light).”

Megan from For All Things Lovely True & Co. Review

image"One of my favorite things to do is come home from work, take a bubble bath and change into something comfortable.  Whether it’s just the two of us relaxing at home or we’re having friends over for a casual dinner, I love to slip into something cozy as soon as possible.  True & Co has so many amazing pieces from loungewear to bras + panties to chic lingerie.  I just ordered this black lace bralette, these blush pink leggings and this sweet, little ivory camisole. Take this quick, two minute quiz here to see which items work best for you and be sure to sign up to have emails sent directly to your inbox with promotions + new arrivals!”


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True&Co. Review by Vlogger Thania of Juicy Daily

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True&Co. Bras Review by YouTuber Alyssa Donahue

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True&Co. Review on Man Repeller

image"I can’t really participate in the whole ‘no bra thing.’ I would love to — the idea feels romantic and summery and carefree and whatnot, but the reality is that my chest needs at least one layer between skin and gravity.

The other reality is that I hate shopping for them. In a wardrobe of lord knows how many shirts and dresses that require a little up-and-at-em action (or at the very least, tops that border on public indecency should I find myself braless and in an air-conditioned room) I wear an astounding five bras ONLY throughout the entirety of the year. The other few in my possession are from high school and could possibly come in handy if anyone needed to re-stuff an old mattress. This leaves me with two soft bras, two “pretty” bras, and one strapless for a total of 5 pathetic bras for 355 ample-chested days a year. (I’ve eliminated a few days for YOLO moments and running errands in sweatshirts.)”
"I hate quizzes but this one was easy. There were pictures, there were boob facts (did you know over 40% of women have two different sized breasts?), and in less than a minute this site had nailed down my size, shape, padding preference (none, thnx) and also had a solid grip on my general brasserie aesthetic…which is more or less that if I can’t not wear a bra, I want to wear the least cup-y bra available. This peach one by their own line Uniform does that trick. And it comes in grey – so I’ll take both please. (That means now I have 7 bras.)”
image"If I can’t go bra-commando, then I also want the most feminine one they’ve got. I also want one that I’m going to wear every day under loose tops but no one can say anything about it because it’s so dang pretty. (We’re at 9 now. My girl-group is growing.)

And finally, just in case technology is moving faster than I realize, I want one serious crowd pleaser should airport security get any tighter. One that says, ‘Yes my socks are mismatched and I have toothpaste on my shirt, but holy hannah, would ya look at my bra.’

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True&Co. Review by Jessica Booth of


"A few weeks ago, I read an article about a new company called True&Co on our sister site, The Gloss. As someone who is always on the hunt for the perfect bra, I was immediately intrigued. Here’s what I found out: True&Co has you take an online “test” to figure out what your correct bra size is. Once that test is done, they give you your size, and then offer you a bunch of different bras that they think will work for you. You pick what you like and want to try, and order them. It’s as simple as that!

I was so intrigued by this new way of bra shopping that I got in touch with the company so that I could try it out myself. Because, I mean, who really enjoys bra fittings? You’re standing there, naked (or at least in your bra), in front of a complete stranger who is touching your boobs and making awkward small talk. It’s just not that fun.

But just because it’s not fun doesn’t mean it’s also not necessary. It’s really important for every girl to wear a properly fitted bra. Not only is the wrong size bra uncomfortable, it’s also just bad for your boobs and your general health. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This is because women are either getting incorrect fittings (cough cough Victoria’s Secret cough cough), or because they’re too embarrassed to get a fitting.

That’s where True&Co comes in. It’s hard to say no to a bra fitting when you can get it done from the comfort of your own bedroom while also not having to take your clothes off. Want to know how it works? Read on.”

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